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Tune in to hear your favorite health coach, meditation enthusiast, and #boymom, Kate House, as she speaks from the heart, shares tangible advice on intentional living, and reminds you that you do have what it takes to live by design, not default.

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You know that saying, "You can't pour from an empty vessel"? Here we believe that it's absolutely true, so week after week we choose to fill our own cup first, so we're our best selves when caring for those we love most.

How to Prioritize Yourself Again

Tangible Advice on Getting Started

What's the hardest part of implementing new habits, or moving your body from a place of joy, or carving out time for self care? Starting. So here's your permission slip to begin and your encouragement to keep showing up for yourself.

what you'll Find here: 

Encouragement to Keep Going

We've all started a new routine only to throw in the proverbial towel when it got hard. But here's the thing, growth happens outside of your comfort zone, so here's to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable - and doing it together, as a community.

I'm Kate, your #1 hype girl.

I wear many hats, but my favorites are health coach, podcast host, educator, runner, meditation junkie, mama x2, and wife to my college sweetheart. Living my most intentional, joy-filled life in the PA Countryside. 

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Do you have a desire on your heart to make your health and wellness a priority? Do you want to go from just surviving the day to thriving? Then press play to learn how our host, Kate House, and her panel of guests who are experts in their fields have chosen to live with purpose through implementing healthy habits, cultivating joy, and practicing gratitude.

My superpower is helping women dream big and achieve their most audacious goals. The first step in realizing your greatness is choosing to live by design, and that's why this podcast exists.

- Ashley

"Kate offers great advice through experience and experts, steps to obtain your goals, and inspiration to move you forward in a healthy and responsible way at YOUR pace!"

Five Stars:

- Allison

"This podcast keeps getting better and better! Kate is such a joy to listen to. Her smile radiates through the mic!"

Five Stars:

- Lauren

"Listening to Kate’s podcast is a must! Each episode teaches me something new, and her positivity is contagious!"

Five Stars:

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The benefits of taking a few minutes to meditate are huge! Through meditating you build stress-management skills, increase self-awareness, focus on the present, reduce negative feelings, embrace creativity, and increase your patience capacity.

But maybe you're not sure how to get started, or you'd like someone to guide you through this time.

I got you, boo.

I created these mini motivational meditations on the podcast just for you to sit down, press play, and be present. Easy peasy!

Slow down.

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