Hey there! I'm Kate House and I help audiences gain clarity on their GOALS and feel empowered to turn their aspirations into imperfect action so they can craft a purposeful life with confidence.

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Speaker | podcast host empowerment coach

Speaker | podcast host | empowerment coach

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- Roberta

"Kate has helped me grow my mind and soul, and in ways that are tangible. Ways I can immediately implement. I love the way I feel energized and seen. Thanks, Kate!"

Audience feedback

- Sue

"I have been feeling lost lately. This entire talk has been such a revival of the energy and spirit in me! Thank You Kate for the wonderful insights!"

Audience feedback

- kirsty

"Thank you so much! After this event, I am feeling more confident and calm about where I am at and trusting that I will move forward with more ease, grace, and flow - using my intuition more and making my self care a daily priority."

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I'm Kate House, your Empowerment Coach!

I'm a mama who's married to her college sweetheart and I spend my days chasing two little boys (and two pup dogs!) around the countryside of Gettysburg, PA.

When I'm not playing hide-and-go-seek or building Legos with my boys, I'm a Behavior Change Specialist, Certified Health Coach, Host of the top 2% show the Live By Design Podcast, creator of the monthly coaching program the Live By Design Collective, and host of two annual virtual summits: the Empowered Self Summit and the Goals With Soul Summit. 

Through my signature method, the Live By Design Blueprint, I help you become the architect of your extraordinary life. I support women in living with energy, clarity, and purpose, and it's been such a joy to bring thousands of us growth-oriented women together on our intentional living journeys!

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release the fear of failure and the perfectionist tendancies that keep them feeling stuck

move from stressed and overwhelmed to focused and action-oriented

rediscover what's important to them and allocate guilt-free time to explore it further

Don't wait another month to empower your team!

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After an hour with Kate, your audience will have the tools they need to:

My superpower is helping women gain clarity on their priorities, set goals with soul, and build confidence through courageous action!

understand goal setting as a necessity, not a luxury

Believe in their capability, resilience, and strength again!

“Kate helped me realize a lot about myself. I feel empowered to change for the better. I'm thankful for this experience! ”

- samara

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Kate's Keynote Topic

Become the Architect of Your Extraordinary Life

Let's shift from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to embracing a life guided by confidence, clarity, and purpose through engaging storytelling, expert education, and empowering strategies that inspire action

the live by design

Align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your core values, set your annual intention, cultivate a growth mindset, and embrace a purpose-driven life that is in harmony with your truest self. 

Cornerstone clarity

Establish your foundation

Discover how to prioritize your own health and wellness journey again. By embracing your holistic self, you'll create the energy, resilience, and capacity needed to pursue your goals with focus, joy, and alignment.

The HOLISTIC Trifecta


Through reflection, intention setting, and vision-casting, you'll identify the quarterly goals that support your annual intention. Then your daily habits support you in taking consistent, sustainable courageous action. Because action creates confidence!

core practices

gain clarity on your goals

Say goodbye to feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or directionless, and hello to a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy. You're now the type of person who values imperfect action over perfection inaction. Your extraordinary future starts now!

Progress over Perfection

stop over-thinking & take action

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"Kate has helped me become focused and action-oriented.


I've set priorities, established goals, and adopted a nightly routine, leading to less pressure and a newfound sense of peace. I've reconnected with myself and am open to growth.
I feel motivated to continue moving forward."

Let's get started today!

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