Let’s Live by Design, Not Default

Are you ready to live with intention? To make health and wellness a priority? To cultivate joy, practice gratitude, and truly live your one and only life? Excellent, then you're in the right place!

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Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving? I've been on a mission to do just that in my personal life, and I'm here to share all I've learned with you!

Coaching for Women Who Want to Thrive

Let's transition from "Just making it through the day" to taking ownership of our lives



Join the LBD Collective for monthly group coaching, journaling sessions, habit creation guidance, and more!

How do you live by design?

The Collective is your two hour monthly commitment to yourself, your self-love journey, and your desire to live a more intentional, joy-filled life...and to do it in community with other badass babes. We're your favorite hype girls, cheerleading squad, and health coach that's available for you anytime, always waiting in your back pocket to cheer you on.

The Collective

live by design

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Welcome to my love letter to you. Each episode of The Live By Design Podcast is purposefully created to encourage, inspire, and uplift you as we explore themes around intentional living with a special emphasis on healthy habits, joy, and gratitude.


The Live By design

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Are you ready to prioritize your health and happiness? To dig deep, do the work, and make purposeful, sustainable changes that'll change the way you live your day, and ultimately your life?

Health Coaching


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“Kate is one of the most authentic, supportive, and genuinely kind people on the planet! Her focus on bringing the best out of people and her intention of helping others connect with their own spark is truly inspiring.”



I'm Kate, your #1 hype girl.

I wear many hats, but my favorites are health coach, podcast host, educator, runner, meditation junkie, mama x2, and wife to my college sweetheart. Living my most intentional, joy-filled life in the PA Countryside. 

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