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Mini Motivational Meditation: The Answers Are Already Inside You – Inspired by the Book "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle The Live By Design Podcast | Intentional Living through Joy, Gratitude, & Healthy Habits

Who’s ready to slow down, get quiet, and sink into their inner knowing?Imagine me virtually raising my hand right along with you!Join me today as we listen to a fan favorite mini meditation from the challenge I hosted back in the spring of 2021. If you were part of the challenge, then today’s episode will be familiar to you, but I received such kind feedback about this meditation in particular that I wanted to share it with our whole community.Today’s meditation is inspired by the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “Be Still and Know.” So press play and listen in as we meditate on how the answers are already inside of us. ** Please leave your 5 Star review and a few sentences about what your favorite take away from the podcast has been, and if your review is picked as a future Apple Podcast Review of the Week, then your next cup of coffee is on me!Have you joined my weekly Love Letter? Every week I send out a note to my love letter email list. This email will alert you when there is a new podcast episode so you don’t miss any of the goodness we’re sharing (plus you’ll be the first to know when we drop surprise episodes or launch new offers!). And if you have any questions or suggestions, I love when you hit the reply button because your response will immediately ping directly to my phone! If you are not on my list yet you can join here.Have you joined The Live By Design Co Club?I’m so excited and grateful to announce that The Live By Design Co Club is now open! The Live By Design Co. Club is a place where we can come together in community and friendship, practice gratitude, and hold one another accountable as we work on establishing and maintaining the habits that will make us feel vibrant, vivacious, and ready to tackle our biggest goals.The Live By Design Co. Club meets monthly for a Group Coaching Session via zoom (with replay available should you miss the call!), group support and accountability in our private Facebook Group, a monthly journaling session via Zoom, 10 affirmations each month, and bonus podcast episodes too!Ready to live 2022 with intention? Then The Live By Design Co Club was made just for you!ResourcesFull Show NotesSubscribe to Kate’s Weekly Love Letter Join The LBD Co. Club Waitlist! Continue the Conversation on Instagram @mskatehouse Health Coaching with Kate Schedule Your Discovery Call Untamed By Glennon DoyleHealth Coaching with Kate: And if you are feeling like health coaching might be the right fit for you, I’d love to schedule a free Discovery Call to see if we’d work well in a coaching relationship! You can learn more about my 6 Month Coaching Program here!
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