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Living Boldly with Loukia Mastrodimos The Live by Design Podcast

This week we welcome fellow podcaster and Master Midlife Mindset Coach, Loukia Mastrodimos, to The Live By Design Podcast family as we continue exploring IIN's Circle of Life Exercise with a focus on Health. Loukia shares her journey of being a lifelong educator and at the peak of her career, when she realized she was unfulfilled, unhealthy, and miserable.  It was at that time that she decided to fundamentally change her life, and in today's conversation she shares what that transformation has looked like for her personal health, her mindset, and her business – Midlife In Bold, Inc. episode notes | weekly podcast newsletter | circle of life exercise | vision board with kate | @livebydesignpodcast | interested in IIN?Connect with Loukia:loukia@midlifeinbold.com | @midlifeinbold | facebook | Midlife Women Making Change Without Fear Facebook Group | Free Guide: 3-Step Formula for How to Break Out of a Midlife Slump | This Midlife In Bold Podcast
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  4. Mini Meditation #12 – "You Are Alive, You Are Whole, All Is Well"
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