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What Season 2 Of The Pod Has Taught Me: Bravery, Courageousness and the Power of Self-Confidence The Live by Design Podcast

In this special episode I’m reflecting back on what I have learned on this journey, what I’ll do differently in the future, how I’ve grown as a person and a host, and what to expect in season 3!What have I learned on this crazy and amazing journey!?Asking for help is a strength and not a weakness. Which is why I’ve brought on my first team member! Liz Chapman has joined the LBD Co. team to help me manage the podcast, and that gives me the opportunity to free up my time to coach you on your health goals, create my masterclass, and I’ll be launching The Live By Design Co Club in 2022 too!I’m just so dang proud of myself for showing up, doing the work, and finding my voice!What you can expect from season 3 of The Live By Design PodcastI'll be back in your ears in January 2022!Talking about mindset, habits, goal-setting, healthy routines, scripting the life of your dreams, and manifestation.Tactical advice to get you closer to achieving your goals. I'll talk  of the advice I’d give myself from 10 years ago! I’ll bring on an Enneagram expertWe will dig into joy and gratitude! I’ll be launching the exclusive The Live By Design Co. Club! Each month will have a theme and a corresponding habit that we will work on implementing together. It will give you direct access to me as well as to the other members of the club. We will have monthly zoom calls to talk about how we are setting ourselves up for success, and the LBD Co. Club will be a place to come together without judgement, with kindness in our hearts, and to encourage and uplift one another. Look for The Live By Design Co. Club launching in early 2022!Resources Show Notes | Join The Live By Design Co. Club Waitlist! |  Subscribe to Kate’s Weekly Love Letter | Goal Setting Masterclass | Follow along on Instagram @livebydesignpodcast | Health Coaching with Kate | Schedule Your Discovery Call | Jenna Kutcher – Goal Digger PodcastConnect with Liz Chapman – Podcast ManagerInstagram | WebsiteConnect with Brittany Frisch – Photographerbrittanyfrisch.com | @brittanyfrischphotography | @brittanyfrischfilms
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