Welcome to the Live by Design Podcast! I’m your host, Ms. Kate House. Join me each week as I lead our community in seeking joy and cultivating gratitude in our daily lives. Together let’s live by design and not default.

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Bonus: Learning To Let Go with Brittany Frisch The Live by Design Podcast

This week's bonus episode features Brittany Frisch – whom you might remember from a recent Client Spotlight on the podcast where we celebrated a big personal and professional milestone Brittany had just achieved! You can check out that episode here if you want to add it to your listening queue.In today's episode, Brittany shares life advice she's learned over the years, and it's gooood. For any other recovering people pleasers / perfectionists out there, this one will really speak to you.And if you're feeling like health coaching might be the right fit for you, I'd love to schedule a free Discovery Call with you to see if we'd work well in a coaching relationship! You can learn more about my 6 Month Coaching Program here as well as connect with me to schedule your call today.Resourcesshow notes | join the newsletter| live by design goal setting masterclass | connect with me @livebydesignpodcast | health coaching with kate | download your free 5 mini meditations & guided sleep meditationConnect with Brittanybrittanyfrisch.com | @brittanyfrischphotography | @brittanyfrischfilms
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