Because You Can't Pour From an Empty Vessel

As your coach, I promise to be your #1 cheerleader you as you set purposeful goals, establish healthy habits, learn to love yourself from the inside out, and take intentional, sustainable steps towards a more vibrant, empowered you.

One-on-one health coaching

Sure, everything you could possibly need to know about the habits and routines that lead to long-term health and success can be found online, but if it were that easy you would have done it already. What you really need is guidance, support, and accountability...and that's where I come in.

It's time you finally stop saying "when" you'll take your health seriously and just do the dang thing? The hardest part of any journey is starting, so let me take your hand as you begin.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

How It Works

Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call to identify which coaching track is the perfect fit for you: body + mind or heart + soul


Meet with Kate virtually every-other-week for 6 months as you make sustainable shifts towards a healthier, stronger you


Have direct access to Kate throughout the entirety of your coaching program via
Voxer & Zoom

finally this

Seven years ago, I had stress induced-nightmares, was overweight, and exhausted all the time.

And then I finally realized nothing changes if nothing changes, and that by not making a shift I was essentially choosing to feel miserable, sluggish, and lacking confidence in my everyday life. That's when I decided to invest my time, financial resources, and effort into creating the life I wanted to lead.

i can help because i've been there

I'd love to share with you what I learned on my path to living by design

Here's What You Get

built-in Accountability

As your health coach I'm your #1 cheerleader, but I'm also here to ensure you honor the commitment you made to your physical health, your mindset growth, and overall wellness - and that makes me the world's best accountability buddy!

An Action Plan

Not sure where to start? That's what I'm here for. Based on what you share, I'll offer Soul Work assignments for you to complete between coaching sessions to guide you on your path.

personally curated gifts by kate

Who doesn't love getting a surprise gift in the mail? Throughout your coaching program, Kate sends little surprises to bring you joy and support your wellness journey!

“Have you heard of health coaching? Kate’s my health coach – and let me tell you – if you don’t have one you need one! She helps me in *every facet* of my life: business, nutrition, finance, goal setting, sleep, you name it!”

- Brittany

Create your 10 year vision through a guided meditation and bonus journal prompts.

Hey girl, how about this?

Establish your 10, 5, and 1 year goals
to bring your most vibrant life to fruition.



the results you're going to get:

Identify how you want to feel each day and implement the habits to make that a reality.


Strengthen your courage muscle by trying new things - lets expand your comfort zone! 


Create space in your day, every single day, to love and care for yourself well.


"Every time I connect with Kate I instantly feel calmer, more open, and like I’m growing."

The way Kate connects with your goals and gently encourages us is so inspiring, and makes me feel like I DO have it in me to be a kinder, more conscious person. LOVE her!


embraced growth

"Kate reminds us that no one else controls our happiness but ourselves."

She just doesn’t tell us to be happier. She gives us the skills and tools to do so. She uses honest and real examples in her own life, helping us relate and hear how she uses her own tools for happiness. For me personally, I have learned how to recognize the small things in my day that bring me joy. With so much craziness in life, we need tools like this to help us along, find joy, to take back control, and live by design.


took back control

"Kate inspires me to push myself a little more than the day before."

Her thoughts are grounded in reality and her positivity is contagious! Her focus on joy reminds me that it is all around us - everyday. We just need to stop and soak it in!


cultivated joy


"Kate is one of the most authentic, supportive, and genuinely kind people on the planet!"

what people are saying:

"Her focus on bringing the best out of people and her intention of helping others connect with their own spark is truly inspiring! I also appreciate Kate’s commitment to growth.... to always being a student (even when she is in the role of the teacher!). There are a lot of people who try really hard to be inspiring, but Kate is without even trying (it’s just who she is!) and I promise she will help you connect with your purpose and live more mindfully and intentionally!"

Is Coaching Right For You?

You desire guidance and support

You're overwhelmed by starting

YOu WANT TO live vivaciously

You're tired of just surviving

you're ready for a growth mindset

Before making this commitment to your personal growth, let's see if we jive! I would never expect you to make a coaching commitment without first finding out if we're compatible, so let's hop on the phone for an hour, discuss where you're at today, where your current challenge lie, and how we'll address them together during your 6 month coaching program.

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is that a yes?

"Kate has taught me, again and again, what it looks like to trust in the process of life, to live into the human calling to joy, and to walk whole-heartedly in a love for people and for life. To know Kate is a great blessing, and there is no one I more enthusiastically recommended as a guide for life’s journey."

- Christen