Meet Your New Favorite Habit Tracker

I firmly believe that how you spend you day is how you spend your life – and did you know that researchers have found that 40% of your day is executed by your habits? 40%! What if you could layer into your day intentional, health-oriented, joy-centered, and gratitude-bursting habits? What would you day look like? How would you FEEL?

I want to help you succeed in setting and implementing habits, which is why I created The Live By Design Co. Habit Tracker – and friends, this resource is good. In it I share what habits are, how they’re established, why habit stacking works, and provide a one month habit tracker to support you in meeting your habit goal.

Grab your Habit Tracker
And change how you show up for your day…and your life!
Woohoo! I’m so excited for you to use your habit tracker to live by design, not default!

If you’re looking to layer in new habits into your day, then the LBD Co. Club was created just for you! The Club is a place where we can come together in community and friendship, practice gratitude, and hold one another accountable as we work on establishing and maintaining the habits that will make us feel vibrant, vivacious, and ready to tackle our biggest goals. The Live By Design Co. Club is for anyone who has a desire on their heart to live a healthier, more joy-filled life and is tired of feeling like they’re “going it alone.” It’s for the person who desires connection, friendship, and support while making shifts and changes to support a happy, healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about the Club here!