The Live By Design Co. Club

Have you heard of The Live By Design Co. Club?

If you haven’t yet, I’d love to share more so you can give it some thought. You likely started hanging with me because you want more.

• More Joy
• More Focus
• More Accountability
• More Gratitude
• More Positivity

You likely also wanted less.

• Less Stress
• Less Anxiety
• Less Negativity
• Less Overwhelm
• Less Feeling Alone

Live By Design Co. Club is designed to help you LEVEL UP your health, joy, and gratitude by intentional habit creation & continuity every single month.

What is Live By Design Co. Club?

The Live By Design Co. Club is a place where we can come together in community and friendship, practice gratitude, and hold one another accountable as we work on establishing and maintaining the habits that will make us feel vibrant, vivacious, and ready to tackle our biggest goals.

The Live By Design Co. Club is for anyone who has a desire on their heart to live a healthier, more joy-filled life and is tired of feeling like they’re “going it alone.” It’s for the person who desires connection, friendship, and support while making shifts and changes to support a happy, healthier lifestyle.

Here’s what you get inside Live By Design Co. Club:

1. One extra podcast episode monthly, exclusive to club members only
2. One extra meditation, with a special focus on that month’s topic
3. Access to me directly via WhatsApp
4. Group WhatsApp conversation to support and encourage one another
5. Journal prompts based on each month’s topic, plus a group Zoom meeting to write together and share space with one another
6. Monthly Zoom call with a brief teaching from me and opportunity for the group to connect “in-person” while discussing the habit they’re going to implement, or continue implementing, that month. It’ll be your opportunity to share what you’ve written in your Habit Tracker, as a way to speak it out into the world and claim that month’s goal outloud.
6. You’ll also get to weigh in on what topics I’ll cover on the podcast going forward
7. Monthly mantras and affirmations related to that month’s theme (and when possible, I’ll create phone wallpapers to accompany them!)

And finally, each month a portion of all LBD Co. Club proceeds will be donated to charity – with a special emphasis on organizations that support women, children, and the environment.

I can’t wait to coach you and be in direct community with you!

Ready to join now? Enroll in the club today at our one-time-only Founding Members’ Membership price – only available through January 31, 2022!