Women weren't meant to do this life alone.

Women weren't meant to do this life alone.

What if there were a community of women who invited you to come as you are, set down your worries for two hours each month, and be lovingly cheered on by mutual support and loving accountability as you implement the changes you desire in your life? Good news, friend, that place exists within the LBD Collective!

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I've moved a lot in my life, and with each new state came a desire to connect with community. I longed for friendship, mutual support, comradery, and fun! 

But, dang, those kinds of friendships take a lot of time to curate. And then I wondered, "What if I could create the community of kind, supportive, growth-oriented women I'm seeking...online? So no matter where any of us live, we can connect, inspire, encourage, and learn from one another in real time?"

And that's how the Live By Design Collective was born!

Why an online community?

Buckle up,
let's do this!

"Her focus on bringing the best out of people and her intention of helping others connect with their own spark is truly inspiring! I also appreciate Kate’s commitment to growth...to always being a student (even when she is in the role of the teacher!).

There are a lot of people who try really hard to be inspiring, but Kate is without even trying (it’s just who she is!) and I promise she will help you connect with your purpose and live more mindfully and intentionally!"

— Sarah

"Kate is one of the most authentic, supportive, and genuinely kind people on the planet!"

Each month Kate educates on a specific Collective-requested topic, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The magic happens because of our community as a whole. Your unique gifts are a blessing and value to the group at large. 

This community is co-created, it's not about me, it's about you!

Your heart, mind, personal experiences, and story are needed here.

And remember...

The Collective is your two hour monthly commitment to yourself, your self-love journey, and your desire to live a more intentional, joy-filled life...and to do it in community with other inspiring, action-oriented women. We're your favorite hype girls, cheerleading squad, and coach that's available for you anytime, always waiting in your back pocket to cheer you on.

Hear what the LBD Collective is like from current members!


The LBD Collective

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Live By Design Podcast
Episode #173

Moving Through the Fear of Failure and Embracing Vulnerability 

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- Featuring Lyndsey

Live By Design Podcast
Episode #156

Let's Embrace Progress,
Not Perfection!

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Not sure where to start?

Tune In

- Featuring Michele

Live By Design Podcast
Episode #150

No Negative Nancy's Here! How Michele Found Companionship with Growth-Oriented Women in the LBD Collective & You Can Too!


Live By Design Podcast
Episode #150

No Negative Nancy's Here! How Michele Found Companionship with Growth-Oriented Women in the LBD Collective & You Can Too!

Not sure where to start?

Block off the first Monday evening of the month for Growth Night. These sessions are really where the magic happens! We start with a brief meditation, share what's "New and Good" in our lives, and then Kate educates on a specific intentional-living topic. Finally, as a group we share our own personal insights and any "aha" moments we might've had!

To take our experience of learning and self-reflection further, we meet for Discovery night where we dive into purposefully curated journal prompts to support the exploration of that month's theme. Grab your favorite journal and pen, pour a glass of wine or cup of tea, and share time and space with the group as we meditate together, write in response to the journal prompts (or use your own, if that speaks to you!), and then come together at the end to share our insights and experiences.

You'll Have Immediate Access To:

Group Coaching

Journaling Sessions

VIa zoom

via zoom

The LBD Collective was established in January 2022, and the entire back catalog of past Growth Nights, Discovery Nights, Special Events, and bonus resources are available to you when you become a member. So hop into the Resource Library or tune into the private podcast feed to take your learning on-the-go!



Need support and accountability while implementing your new, intentional-living habit (be that joyful movement, a morning routine, or anything else in-between!)? Then the Facebook Group is here to lend encouragement or guidance when you need it most!

Facebook Group



Actively cultivate self-love and prioritize your personal care and needs

How does this sound?

Celebrate who you are right here and now, even while on your growth journey



after one year in the collective, you'll:

Trust yourself more and know that you're your own safe place


Connect more deeply with yourself, your inner knowing, and your intuition


Believe in yourself more through greater clarity, confidence, and decisive action taking in your own life (all while knowing your are capable of it!)


Join NOW

The Inside Scoop

The Collective costs a fraction of your gym membership, yoga studio, one-on-one coaching, or a nutritionist


Your membership is a commitment to yourself to carve our two hours each month to cultivate self-love and deepen community connection


Set your burdens aside and be lovingly cheered on and supported as you implement the shifts you desire in your life


"I'm thrilled to be part of the LBD Collective! In a world where we often can feel judged, lonely, and stuck - I want to surround myself with strong women who raise each other up, find the everyday joys, and be the best version of themselves even on hard days."


found her crew:

real results

One year of the Collective is less than one month of most one-on-one coaching programs!

So let's get  this party started!

"Here to encourage anyone who hasn't done this month's Bingo card to give it a go!"

WOW!! It was amazing to see just how many times I was happy this month, even one that was really busy. Sometimes I think the tired and anxious feelings can take over the relaxed and happy ones but looking back on some of the best moments of this past month helped me put it all in perspective. 


inspired the group:

LBD Collective Member Insights:

"I really keep coming back to having 'peace' amidst change and fluctuations."

I recently started to surrender to the unknown a bit more and it always makes me feel peace to just be in this moment because the past and future aren't tangible now. The peace you hold into is the gateway to the happy. This is my journaling from Discovery Night. One of my many takeaways 🤗



"This is my built-in self-care time for me to work on and take care of myself."

I love learning and growing my self-awareness! I continue my growth journey through our journaling sessions especially, and I appreciate the accountability that comes with our monthly check-ins. Even when life gets busy, the LBD Collective holds me lovingly accountable to working on my health habits and goals.


Leaned into healthy habits:

We've all heard the phrase, "You can't pour from an empty cup," but it's a saying for a reason. Because it's true!

The fastest way to burnout is giving your time and energy to others, without also intentionally taking the time to fill your own cup, so to speak. And here at the LBD Collective, we're ALL about making time for yourself each and every day, even if it's done in small pockets of time. You just need to know where to start.

How much of your day is spent pouring into others? Your family, your friends, your career, your education?
It's time to reclaim small pockets of time - for yourself.

And that's where we come in.

Gift yourself two hours of self-love monthly, and see where you are in six months or a year!

When you purchase an Annual Membership to the Collective! During this time you'll identify your top 3 areas of focus for the year, write your Self-Love list, and receive the encouragement you need to get started.

Free 30 minute Clarity Call with Kate

clarity call

Let's chat,


After a year in the Collective, you will...

Join NOW

Love yourself more,

You're confident that you won't let yourself down, that you'll show up for yourself and your goals, always

Like yourself more,

You'll choose to treat yourself with kindness, respect, and honor your health commitments

Trust yourself more,

You'll know that no matter what, within yourself you have a safe place to call home

Believe in yourself more,

You'll recognize the agency you have through personal clarity, confidence, and aligned action-taking

Know yourself more,

You'll hone your internal GPS, aka your intuition, and listen to that still, small voice deep inside

Value yourself more,

You'll know you were meant to live by design, and not by default, and you'll be committed to that pursuit

As a friend and colleague, Kate has taught me, again and again, what it looks like to trust in the process of life, to live into the human calling to joy, and to walk whole-heartedly in a love for people and for life. To know Kate is a great blessing, and there is no one I more enthusiastically recommended as a guide for life’s journey.

— christen

"Kate has taught me to live into the human calling to joy"

"Kate’s my health coach – and let me tell you – if you don’t have one you need one! She helps me in *every facet* of my life: nutrition, finance, goal setting, sleep, you name it!"

"Have you heard of health coaching?"

— Brittany

I'm Kate, your #1 hype girl.

I wear many hats, but my favorites are health coach, podcast host, educator, runner, meditation junkie, mama x2, and wife to my college sweetheart. Living my most intentional, joy-filled life in the PA Countryside. 

more about me

hey there!

Are you looking for connection, too?

When I was in Junior High and High School, I remember having a crippling fear of not connecting with other students, and worse yet, of not making any friends. Both times, I was an outsider coming from a different feeder-school who didn't know a single soul, save for one friend.

And that friend was everything. 

She and I supported, cared for, and watched out for one another, and in time we came to connect with others and grew our social network slowly but surely.

It was that one friend who gave me the confidence and courage to face my fears of rejection and put myself "out there."

And you know what? Some of the friends I made in high school are still my besties to this day.

Let us be that friend to you. To remind you to be brave, to try new things, and to grow through the process.

I've always been seeking community

Your LBD Collective membership is the only one of its kind because...

IT provides real-time coaching + accountability support

Have you ever noticed how you're more likely to achieve a goal if someone else is holding you accountable to achieving it?

Well, that's exactly what the LBD Collective will do for you. We'll lovingly hold you accountable to what it is you've said you want to implement in your life. Whether it's layering in a morning routine, meditating daily, having a consistent journaling practice, finding joy in daily movement, or anything in-between...we'll ask you to make a declaration each month of the habit you're instilling and have weekly check-ins on your progress.

And the really cool thing about the Collective, is we're not looking for perfection (it's way over-rated anyways!). We're looking for progress. Consistent progress. In the direction of your dreams.

access to an exclusive community of like-minded women seeking to grow

They say you're the average of your five closest friends. If that's true, what does that say about you?

If you're looking to be in community with a co-created, synergistic, non-hierarchical "circle of women," then you've come to the right place.

As women, we need connection and a safe place to come to explore curiosity, growth, evolution, and expansion. Historically, women have gathered to support one another through group activities such as weaving, singing, gardening, even laboring, and in today's world we gather virtually to come together.

Your unique gifts are a blessing and of value to our group. Your heart, mind, and story are needed here, friend. And we would be honored for you to join us.

Monthly journal prompts + 
bonus resources

Attend coaching live or watch the replay

SUPPORT system

learn, grow, + implement shifts every month

This program includes everything you need to live with purpose.

The LBD Collective isn't therapy, it isn't time intensive, and it isn't expensive. And it was designed that way on purpose.

The Collective is your chance to participate in group coaching, complete with your own personal squad of hype girls, with the entire month of coaching, journaling, and bonus resources available at just a fraction of the cost of your gym membership, yoga studio dues, or one-on-one coaching sessions with your nutritionist or coach.

And we like it that way!

Prioritizing your own joy and happiness

Practicing gratitude and looking for the GOOD in your day

Making time to practice self care, even amongst your other commitments

Implementing the habits that form the foundation from which you'll live your most purposeful, vibrant, joyful life

Slowing down so that you can turn off the external distractions and tune into your inner knowing

Feeling empowered to make the shifts needed to live in alignment with your personal values and life goals

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:

join NOW

This      for you if:

You're ready for a change

you're unwilling to carve out the time

You're heart is open to learning

you don't want to get outside of your comfort zone

you want to support other bad ass women

It's probably       for you if...

you think cultivating joy and practicing gratitude is too "woo-woo" for you



It's probably
for you if...

You're wanted here.
You're needed here.
You're welcome here.

How is this different than your one-on-one coaching services?

I love this question! The biggest difference between the two is that in my one-on-one coaching sessions, everything is individualized and personalized to fit you, your health goals, and the season of life you're in.

In the Collective, we'll discuss a specific topic each month via our group coaching call and then dive deeper during our journaling session. We'll also discuss the topic further via the exclusive Facebook Group throughout the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can't make the monthly teaching session or group journaling practice?

Sometimes life gets busy, a kid gets sick, or a work deadline needs to be met - and a Collective meeting is missed. I totally understand how that happens (heck, I have two toddlers, a husband, and a Labrador that eats anything and everything in sight!), and that's why I record all of our calls.

This way, if you miss the live event you can still log in, watch our session, and then chime in with your insights via the exclusive Facebook group. You're still part of the monthly experience, even if you miss a call!

(Continued...) The really neat thing about the Collective is that it opens up two-way conversation. The Collective is co-created, meaning that it's a synergistic, non-hierarchical, “circle of women" where we come together to support, encourage, inspire, and hold one another accountable as we make shifts we each individually choose for our lives. 

Could I gain the same benefits from binging The Live By Design Podcast?

Awesome question! Yes...and no. I LOVE hosting the Podcast, and it's truly my love letter recorded for you each and every week (sometimes even twice a week!). However, the podcast is a one-way conversation. Meaning it's me, speaking to you via your earbuds (continued...).

Awesome question! Yes...and no. I LOVE hosting the Podcast, and it's truly my love letter recorded for you each and every week (sometimes even twice a week!). However, the podcast is a one-way conversation. Meaning it's me, speaking to you via your earbuds. 

The really neat thing about the Collective if that it opens up two-way conversation. The Collective is co-created, meaning that it's a synergistic, non-hierarchical, "circle of women," where we come together to support, encourage, inspire, and hold on another accountable as we make the shifts we each individually choose for our lives.

shoot me an email

I'd love to answer any lingering questions you might have! Let's connect and see if the Collective is the next right step for your journey.

Still on the fence?