Bonus Episode – Ten Steps To Craft A Vision Board That Actually Works!

Did you listen to this week’s episode, Do Vision Boards Work Or Are They Too “Woo-Woo,” and now feel inspired to craft your own? Excellent!

This bonus episode is the follow-up that walks you through the ten steps to follow in order to create a vision board that actually works…think of this episode as the nuts and bolts of how to prepare, assemble, and frame your goals!

As a reminder from earlier this week, your vision board needs to be both attainable and aspirational. And it must follow these three simple rules. 

  1. It must be reflective of your 1-year goals
  2. It must be visually pleasing
  3. And it must be placed where you’ll see it every single day

Now give this episode a listen for the ten steps to follow to create your vision board, and while you’re at it snag Kate’s free Vision Board Guide & Supplies List, so you can get creating today. And if you’re ready to take things a step further, sign up for Kate’s Goal Setting and Vision Board Workshop which premiers in fall 2020!

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