Spreading Joy

Front Door Spring 2020Have you been inspired by the way communities are coming together during this season? From family zoom trivia nights, to clapping for essential workers, to the community children’s art gallery our sweet neighbor orchestrated – my heart’s been warmed by seeing people band together, even from afar.

So to contribute to the positivity, our little dudes and I created an appreciation front door. We printed messages on colored paper we had on hand and then taped them up to spread some kindness and cheer. We also added a bin outside with water bottles and various granola bars for any and all delivery drivers to take advantage of. I can only imagine how busy they’ve been, and we’re deeply grateful for their service because we’ve been receiving our vitamins, baby food, and other essentials via the mail.

If you join in on the fun, be sure to snap a picture to share it with me on Instagram @mskatehouse. I can’t wait to share in your joy and kindness!

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