Episode #1 – Welcome to the Live by Design Podcast!

Hi friends, and welcome to the first-ever episode of the Live by Design Podcast, hosted by me – Kate House! In this introductory episode, I share more about who I am, why I’m passionate about living a life of purpose, and I get real real in opening up about how my love of health and fitness began at a very young age and was inspired by my younger brother.

I share what you can expect each week from the LBD Podcast, which includes a full-length episode as well as a mini meditation episode, how I married my college sweetheart (throwback pic from when we were 18 included!), my journey of becoming both a certified yoga instructor and a health coach, and how we grew to a family of four with our two sons, Dexter and Conrad.

I look forward to seeing you for next week’s episode, and until then friends, spread some joy and make someone smile!

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