Bonus Episode: Reflections On Self Worth With Loukia Mastrodimos

If you could reach back through the time-space continuum, knowing what you know now, what is something you wish you could share with yourself, from ten years ago?

“I would say to that 40-year-old, you are worthy as you are. You are worthy whether or not you get married, whether or not you have kids, whether or not you succeed in the normal standards that society says you succeed.”

There is so much pressure nowadays that women, in particular, place on themselves for fear of missing the critical milestones society tells us are important. It is important to shed those expectations from the outside world and get clear on what you, yourself, actually want.

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Daily affirmations and intention setting have helped Loukia stay positive and strong during difficult times to stay on the right mindset. “Putting in the constant work of self worth,” as Loukia states, can be a daunting exercise to add to your daily routine; but it is also one of the most impactful. Here are a few resources to help you tune out the negative and plug into the positive.

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