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Living Boldly with Loukia Mastrodimos

January 24, 2021

What does it mean to you to live your life boldly? Without apology, fully as your one-and-only incredible self? Today’s guest shares with us how!

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This week we welcome fellow podcaster and Master Midlife Mindset Coach, Loukia Mastrodimos, to The Live By Design Podcast family as we continue exploring IIN’s Circle of Life Exercise with a focus on Health.

Loukia shares her journey of being a lifelong educator and at the peak of her career, when she realized she was unfulfilled, unhealthy, and miserable.  It was at that time that she decided to fundamentally change her life, and in today’s conversation she shares what that transformation has looked like for her personal health, her mindset, and her business – Midlife In Bold, Inc.

So what did that look like? In her own words, Loukia shares how that experience unfolded:

 “Who says you can’t reinvent yourself in midlife? I call bullshit! After climbing the ranks in my career as a top school administrator in the Chicago area public education system and ‘making it to the top,’ I really didn’t like the view. I was unhealthy. I was unfulfilled. I was miserable. That is no way to live, especially in my second act.

So, with 20 years of experience, great benefits, and a guaranteed pension, I quit! Now, I am on a mission to redefine what midlife looks and feels like for women. After over 40 years of saying ‘NO’ to myself, I finally said, ‘YES.’”

I said YES to:

– My health and lost 60 pounds at 44
– Becoming a yoga teacher at 45
– Leaving a 20-year career & a 6-figure salary at 46
– Starting my own coaching practice at 47
– Moving 2000 miles away to live by the ocean at 48
– Launching my own podcast at 49
– Embracing my age with ‘hell yes’ vs ‘oh no’ at 50

Midlife In Bold, Inc.

After this “ah-ha” moment, Loukia took the first daunting step into her new life. Just like Loukia, you may feel stuck and may not know how to get out, but have no fear for we have all been there! 

In this episode, Kate and Loukia discuss how they’ve failed forward and share how stepping out of your comfort zone is not as scary as it may seem once you’ve built up your courage muscle. 

What does it mean to write your own permission slip?

As an educator, Loukia remarks on her take on writing your own permission slips. This is a way for you to give yourself the freedom to pursue what you want because it makes you feel fulfilled. Don’t wait for permission from others when your permission is enough. 

When have you failed forward?

Failing forward is a way for you to learn from your failures so you are stronger and more prepared for future obstacles that may lie in your path. Normalizing failure is important because it is a natural occurrence in life and it pushes us to become stronger for it. Loukia shares that, “Failure is only failure if you’re not learning from the leap that you’re taking.”

During this week’s discussion, Loukia goes into her personal experience of failing forward when she started her first business. She recalls that she felt run down and spread too thin, so she put that business to rest and learned from that experience. She shares, “I have a no plan B commitment to myself, and that is to never give up because there is no plan B. I’m not going to stop no matter what failures come my way because I know that nothing is permanent.” 

Now, she is founder and CEO of Midlife in Bold, Inc. Here’s how Loukia empowers women:

I work one-on-one with driven, midlife women just like me. Women looking for encouragement and guidance from someone who has made massive change in her own midlife.  Women who want to be Brave and Optimistic, who are open to embracing a Limitless mindset and a Decisive will. Women who want to be BOLD in their midlife so that they can live a life of passion and purpose with no regrets. 

Connect with Loukia | @midlifeinbold | facebook 
Midlife Women Making Change Without Fear Facebook Group 
Free Guide: 3-Step Formula for How to Break Out of a Midlife Slump 
This Midlife In Bold Podcast

Joyful Corner

In this week’s joyful corner, we celebrate the inauguration of our first female Vice President, Kamala Harris. She’s already made history as:
The first Black Vice President
The first Indian American Vice President
The first WOMAN to serve as Vice President
Regardless of your political affiliations, THIS is a momentous day. Today little girls all across our country can look at the highest levels of leadership and see themselves reflected back. And for that, Kate is grateful.

Joyful Corner Listener Voicemail

A big thank you to Loukia for being our Joyful Corner Listener Voicemail! Loukia shares how she enjoys the first walk of the day with the four-legged love of her life, Preston. Not only do they get to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather, but Loukia pauses to appreciate the fresh air and blue skies. It was a wonderful reminder to purposefully slow down and see the nature around you.


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