That Time I Had A Quarter-Life Crisis

Have you ever had an experience that gave you absolute clarity? A “something’s gotta change” kind of moment where you knew deep down in your being that you must make a shift?

I had one.

At 25 I had a quarter-life crisis and drastically changed my life as a result. I’m here right now writing these show notes in large part because of the decisions I made during that time to follow the calling that was on my heart.

Today I open up and share what that process looked like (hint: it took a lot of time, dedication, and determination – but it was 100% worth the work!) and how I’m systematically dismantling my tendencies towards perfectionism and instead am choosing to embrace courage and bravery, not perfection at all costs.

So take a seat, press play, and let’s learn to be brave together.

I also share a mini Book Report focused on Reshma Saujani’s Brave Not Perfect, a book that put simply has changed my life. I hope it’s as impactful for you to learn about as it was for me to read!

Want to learn more from Reshma herself? Check out her Ted Talk below. You won’t regret it!

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast: The first time I heard the saying, “Done is better than perfect,” it was from Jenna. In fact, I even quoted her in the very first episode of The Live By Design Podcast! As I continue through my thirties and beyond, I’m taking this mantra to heart and applying it really to all areas of life.

The Institute for American Universities: Interested in studying in France, Spain, or Morocco?! Well I’m completely biased, but between my time studying at IAU in Aix-en-Provence, France for a semester and the 6+ years I spent working on their US team, I can say that they’re an incredible choice when it comes to international education. Check out their programs of study here!

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