How To Pursue Aligned Action with Samantha Kellgren

This week I sit down with Samantha Kellgren of Simply Well Coaching to discuss Aligned Action. What it is, and how you can incorporate it into your life! Through a transformative experience in her own personal life, Sam learned how to pursue aligned action, which has led to her establishing her mindset and health coaching practice, starting a family, and so much more. Each day Sam helps women say no to overwhelm and yes to balance, joy, and confidence. 

Does that sound like someone you’d like to speak light and love into your day? Excellent, me too! So pour a cup of coffee, press play, and learn how you too can pursue aligned action.

Meet Samantha

“I live in Asheville, NC (after a decade in Chicago) with my husband, toddler, and dog.

I drink all the coffee, eat all the hummus, and live for walks in the sunshine!

I help driven women slow down so they can ditch stress without guilt and live with an abundance of balance, joy, and confidence.

How? I support them as they combat self-doubt and welcome self-compassion, identify limiting beliefs that are holding them back and hindering their well-being, gain clarity about what is important to them and what they really want, and most of all feel understood and listened to.”

The Question We Need To Be Asking Ourselves

“What is important to me, and how do I get there?”

That is how we seek aligned action. It’s in getting clear on what YOU actually desire. And then taking action in alignment with that goal to reach your dreams. Another great tip Sam shares is to ask yourself, “Would I be doing x, y, or z if I couldn’t tell anyone I was pursuing this goal?” Often times this will shed light on whether you’re in pursuit of something for yourself, or if it’s being influenced by others.

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