Healing From the Inside Out With New York Times Best-selling Author Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed + Fit

Have you ever found yourself with the desire to cook a delicious and nutritious meal but at a total loss where to start? Same!

And that’s why I’m thrilled to share with you today’s conversation with Cassy Joy Garcia. As a New York Times Best-selling cookbook author, the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed + Fit, holistic nutrition consultant, and mama to two littles (soon to be three!) she’s perfectly poised to share her insight and methods for creating fun, fast, affordable, and sustainable meals!

Seriously, Cassy Joy’s new cookbook Cook Once Dinner Fix is an absolute game changer. I’ve personally been cooking from it and her Dinner Fix approach is approachable, flavorful, and eases my dinner stress by leaps and bounds.

Tune in to hear Cassy Joy share her journey from unwell to feeling Fed + Fit, how she shifted her mindset in regards to her approach to food (hint: it’s about quality, not quantity!), and how the heart of her mission is a desire for others to not feel so alone in the things that we all struggle with (like getting dinner on the table!).

And while you’re at it, join me in cooking from Cook Once Dinner Fix. If you pre-order Cook Once Dinner Fix before it drops on Sept 14th, then Cassy Joy and her team have curated some fabulous goodies that you can redeem on their website ahead of time!

Meet Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed + Fit

You know it’s going to be a good episode when you ask the guest, “What is at the heart of what you do?” And they respond with:

“The heart at what I do is wanting people to not feel so alone in the things that we all struggle with. Like getting dinner on the table.”

– Cassy Joy Garcia on The Live By Design Podcast

I love that Cassy Joy’s mission starts with loving others and in creating a sense of togetherness. During our conversation on the podcast, we learned Cassy Joy’s story of going from feeling unwell in her early twenties to healing herself from the inside out.

She did this by getting curious. Curious about holistic nutrition and assessing the quality of food on her plate, not the quantity like diet culture has taught us. And you know what? Over the course of 10-12 months, Cassy Joy really did heal herself! She started to feel better, her inflammation lessened, the joint pain in her body alleviated, she lost weight, and even her mental fog lifted! She accomplished this through making minor changes in what she ate, monitored how it made her feel, and adjusted as necessary.

If eating foods that make you feel good speaks to you, then Cassy Joy’s work is definitely something you should check out! I especially appreciate when Cassy shares that the goal of eating foods that bless you isn’t to limit yourself. It’s to heal yourself so that you can enjoy as much as possible (within reason 😉).

Connect with Cassy Joy Garcia and Fed + Fit
fedandfit.com | @fedandfit | pre-order cook once, dinner fix!

Joyful Corner

Recently my husband and I took our boys to see Blippi the Musical – and oh my goodness, there’s nothing like seeing pure joy on the face of little kids to also fill YOU with happiness! They had the best time dancing to the music, and to top it all off we even went for a ride on the Ferris Wheel afterwards. A toddler dream come true!

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