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Mini Meditation #4 – Visualization The Live by Design Podcast

Ready to jump-start your goal-setting practice? Then give this visualization meditation a go and grab its companion, the Goal Crusher Guide, to really get this party started. Need additional motivation? Listen to You’re Worthy of Pursuing Big Goals, and buckle up because at minute 18 Kate brings some serious fire!@livebydesignpodcast | episode notes | health coaching | goal crusher guide
  1. Mini Meditation #4 – Visualization
  2. You're Worthy of Pursuing Big Goals
  3. Bonus Episode: Mini Meditation #3 – Gratitude
  4. Our Couples Gratitude Practice That’s Changed Everything
  5. Bonus Episode: Mini Meditation #2 – Be Still

Episode #4

You’re Worthy of Pursuing Big Goals

At the heart of the Live By Design Podcast is the belief that you and you alone are responsible for your health and happiness. And because of this, you have to make yourself and your dreams a priority.

Episode #3

Our Couples Gratitude Practice That’s Changed Everything

This week I sit down with my husband to discuss our shared gratitude practice and how it’s made us stronger and closer as a couple…even during a pandemic with two toddlers at home!

Episode #2

What is a Flow State Anyways?

How do you get “in the zone?” Where time slips away and you joyfully lose yourself in the moment? Tune in to find out what sparks that joy for me and how you can too!

Episode #1

Welcome to the Live by Design Podcast!

Welcome to the introductory episode where I share what motivates me to live a life of design, not default.