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Season 2

Episode 72

What Season 2 of the Pod has Taught me: Bravery, Courageousness and the Power of Self-Confidence

In this special episode I’m reflecting back on what I have learned on this journey, what I’ll do differently in the future, how I’ve grown as a person and a host, and what to expect in season 3!

Episode 24

Bonus Episode: “You’re Not Out to Prove Anything. You’re Just Out to Be” with Stacy Shifflett

In today’s bonus episode Stacey shares advice she wishes she had known a decade ago. And her advice is familiar, as many of us can identify with worrying about what others think of us and have people-pleasing tendencies. Stacey also dives into how she uses self-care and mindset work to live her most intentional and authentic life.

Episode 23

The Gift of Living Life On My Own Terms After Deep Loss with Stacey Shifflett

Stacey shares with us the tragic story of her father’s passing, and how the experience of losing him is why she needs to live ridiculously out loud, why she stopped following the crowd and became the leader and hero of her own story, and how her Dad is still serving and loving her daily.

Bonus Episode

“Understand That Willpower Is Important But Only Goes So Far” with Nick Cruz Velleman

Nick shares what advice he would give himself if he could go speak to himself from 10 years ago. His advice focuses on two areas that we can all find a nugget of wisdom in. The first is that while willpower is deeply important it will only get you so far, and the second is to leave margins in your day…and ultimately in your life! 

Episode 22

How Creativity Led to Discovering his “Why” and a Deeper Level of Self-Acceptance with Nick Cruz Velleman

Nick Cruz Velleman, shares how creativity brings him to life, how it brings energy & attention into the present moment, & how you can access creative mindfulness within yourself.

Bonus Episode

Bonus: Stop Listening To What Other People Are Saying About You” With Jaymee Davis

Today Jaymee shares with you why she no longer gives merit to the voices and opinions of others, which, is a lesson we could all take to heart as we strive to lead a purposeful, self-directed life!

Episode 21

A Journey Through Lonliness and Anxiety (Plus Self-Care Tips!) with Jaymee Davis

I’m excited to chat with Jaymee Davis from The Genuine Mom Club Podcast about this week’s theme: Social Life. Settle in as Jaymee and I talk about finding connections in motherhood, and as a bonus we’ve also included what we do for our own personal self-care.

Episode 20

Book Report: The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – And How I’m Making Our House A Forever Home

So, what is Hygge exactly? In a nutshell, it is about atmosphere and the experience we create rather than focusing on things. It is humble and slow. It’s choosing rustic over new, simple over posh, and ambience over excitement. 

Episode 19

How To Find Meaning In What You Do – A Conversation about Serendipity, Humility, Risk-Taking, and Gratitude with Gettysburg College President Bob Iuliano

Tune in for an insightful conversation with Gettysburg College’s 15th President, Robert Iuliano, where he shares his four-step approach to living a life of meaning which includes: being open to moments of serendipity, embracing a degree of humility, a willingness to take risks, and finally appreciation for the good in life.

Episode 18

How to Find Connection Amidst Conflict – A Conversation About Relationship with Bridget Covill

Today’s guest is Connection Coach Bridget Covill, and she’s here to help us navigate relationships: those with our own self and others too! And I have to say, not only is her advice insightful and immediately applicable in each and every one of our lives, but she shares with sincerity and warmth. Bridget truly wants to walk alongside us during difficult times, and in this episode she shares how to navigate challenging relationships with her time-tested 5 step approach to connection.

Episode 17

Healing From The Inside Out With New York Times Best-Selling Author Cassy Joy Garcia Of Fed + Fit

Tune in to hear bestselling author and nutrition consultant, Cassy Joy Garcia, share her journey from being unwell to feeling Fed + Fit, how she shifted her mindset in regards to her approach to food (hint: it’s about quality, not quantity!), and how the heart of her mission is a desire for others to not feel so alone in the things that we all struggle with (like getting dinner on the table!).

Episode 16

A Journey of Self Love and Acceptance with Cara Ansis

Tune in to hear as Cara shares her own story of spiritual awakening and self-healing – and believe me when I say that she shares with openness, candor, and humor – all while discussing a deeply personal, heartfelt experience.

Episode 15

From Unitarian to Buddhust: A Journey of Reinvention with Wendy Battles

Wendy leads a community of Reinvention Rebels – women who unapologetically and boldly reimage life on their own terms – and I believe that spirit of purpose and possibilities shines through in this conversation. Whether you’ve found what spirituality means to you, or you’re still in the discovery phase like yours truly, I hope Wendy’s encouragement helps you on your path

Episode 14

What My Spiritual Practice Looks Like Today

In today’s episode, I open up (like, way, way up!) about my spiritual journey thus far and how it’s led me to embracing spirituality as an opportunity to connect with something bigger than myself, more often than not by slowing down, being purposeful with my actions, and getting outdoors.

Bonus Episode

Learning To Let Go With Brittany Frisch

Tune in to hear Brittany share the life advice she’s learned over the years, and it’s gooood. For any other recovering people pleasers / perfectionists out there, this one will really speak to you.

Episode #13

Guess Who’s Back?!

Today’s episode is a quick catch up on all the House family goings-on. A lot of life has been happening in the past few months, and now that we’re settled in our new home the podcast has staged a return! Stay tuned for our most Joyful Corner celebrations in one episode to date and for a sneak peek at what’s to come in the second half of Season Two of the podcast

Episode #12

Client Spotlight: Conquering Big Goals with Brittany Frisch

How do you tackle a big, audacious goals? By taking one step every single day. And that’s just what today’s guest, Brittany Frisch, did.

So welcome to this special “Client Spotlight” episode. I know Britt’s story will leave you feeling encouraged, uplifted, and inspired to make progress in the direction of your dreams. Because consistency compounds, and Britt’s story is a beautiful example of just that.

Bonus Episode

It’s Okay To Not Have It All Figured Out with Samantha Kellgren

Any other recovering perfectionists out there?

If so, then this episode might hit home for you. In today’s bonus episode, Samantha Kellgren of Simply Well Coaching shares her answer to the question that all of my guests are asked, which is, “Knowing what you know now, what advice do you wish you could share with yourself from ten year’s ago?”

Episode #11

How To Pursue Aligned Action with Samantha Kellgren

This week Samantha Kellgren of Simply Well Coaching shares what Aligned Action is and how you can incorporate it into your own life!

As a mindset and health coach, Sam helps women say no to overwhelm and yes to balance, joy, and confidence. Press play and let Sam share her enthusiasm with you too!

Episode #10

That Time I Had A Quarter-Life Crisis

Have you ever had an experience that gave you absolute clarity? A “something’s gotta change” kind of moment where you knew deep down in your being that you must make a shift? I had one.

Today I share that experience with you and how I’m systematically dismantling my tendencies towards perfectionism and instead am choosing to embrace courage and bravery.

Bonus Episode

A Joyful Meditation with Sarah Weyenberg

There is joy all around us. I’d even venture to say that there is joy within us. And sometimes, we need a little help seeing and feeling it.

Enter Sarah Weyenberg, founder and owner of the Shiny Happy Yoga online studio and today’s mini meditation focused on Joy!

Episode #9

Joy is Effervescent Bubbles of Champagne with Sarah Weyenberg

OG podcast guest, Sarah Weyenberg, and I came back together (virtually) to record a conversation all about one of our personal favorite topics – JOY. Sarah shares how she cultivates joy in her everyday life and what you too can do to do the same!

Episode #8

The Community Challenge Commences!

Are you ready to make yourself a priority? To concentrate on your breath and let the world melt away? To be proactive against pandemic-induced anxiety?

Excellent. Me too, friend. So press play, sit back, and let your breath carry you for the next few minutes.

Did you miss the #minimeditationchallenge? No worries – you can still download all 5 days worth of mini meditations here, and as my thank you I’ve also included my free guided sleep meditation too.

Episode #7

Because I Can’t Be The Only One With Pandemic-Induced Anxiety

Which is why I hosted the #minimeditationchallenge during March of 2021. If you missed the challenge, no worries! You can be introduced to the challenge in this episode of the podcast, and you can still download all 5 days worth of mini meditations here, and as my thank you I’ve also included my free guided sleep meditation too.

Bonus Episode

Use Your Joy List To Leave A Funky Feeling Day Behind

Have you ever had a day where you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Where you could turn your day around if you actually tried, but maybe you don’t know where to start? Give a listen to know what to do the next time that happens!

Episode #6

Book Report: Joyful

This week Ingrid Fetell Lee’s “Joyful” teaches us the most beautiful description for the word “Joy,” and how to cultivate it in our own lives each and every day – through measures both big and small.

Bonus Episode

How To Enjoy The Journey With Alice Havill

In this week’s bonus episode, podcast guest Alice Havill shares the advice she’d give to her ten-year-ago self, which is sure to make you smile, take a moment to pause, and recommit to enjoying the journey and not getting lost in the pursuit of the destination.

Episode #5

The Habit of Movement With Alice Havill

Kate sat down virtually with Alice Havill – a fearless adventurer who loves to ski, run, rock climb, and everything in between – and shared a conversation about the habit of physical activity, the benefits of movement (and it’s not just the obvious that we get into!), as well the personal mantras we both lean on when a physical pursuit starts to test our wherewithal. 

Bonus Episode

Boost Your Health With Hydration

What’s the one thing you can do immediately to give your physical health a boost? Hydrate!

I know, it’s not the most exciting thing, BUT it’s a game changer when it comes to your physical health, mental clarity, and general feeling of wellbeing.

Episode #4

You Too Can Embrace Joyful Movement

Joyful movement is an integral part of Kate’s life, but that’s taken years of embracing sweating as a means of mental health support and establishing habits that support an active lifestyle to make it part of her daily routine. It can be difficult to add movement to your day when you are already juggling family, work, a social life, you name it…but if you feel stuck or need motivation to adapt an active lifestyle, then this is the episode for you.

Bonus Episode

Reflections On Self Worth With Loukia Mastrodimos

If you could reach back through the time-space continuum, knowing what you know now, what is something you wish you could share with yourself, from ten years ago?

“I would say to that 40-year-old, you are worthy as you are. You are worthy whether or not you get married, whether or not you have kids, whether or not you succeed in the normal standards that society says you succeed.”

Episode #3

Living Boldly With Loukia Mastrodimos

This week we welcome Master Midlife Mindset Coach, Loukia Mastrodimos, to the podcast as we continue exploring IIN’s Circle of Life Exercise with a focus on Health.

Loukia shares her journey of being a lifelong educator and at the peak of her career, when she realized she was unfulfilled, unhealthy, and miserable.  It was at that time that she decided to change her life. Loukia shares what that transformation has looked like for her personal health, her mindset, and her business – Midlife In Bold, Inc.

Bonus Episode

What Are Primary Foods And How Do I Nurture Them?

The primary foods are: healthy relationships, regular physical activity, fulfilling career (or “calling” as I interpret it), and spiritual practice.

This week I share what small things I do to nurture my four Primary Foods and invite you to explore what that might look like in your own life as well.

Episode #2

Permission Granted: It’s Time To Prioritize Your Health

What does “Health” mean to you?

For me, it means making myself a priority. It looks like fueling my body with food that blesses it. It looks like meditating, journaling, and moving my body to support my mental and physical health. It looks like reading and being a life-long learner to nurture my soul. It looks like painting and sewing and creating and crafting because it makes my heart sing. Because here’s the kicker. If you don’t do it, nobody will.

Episode #1

Living Intentionally in 2021: The Special Series Begins!

Did 2020 leave you feeling a little bruised? Same. There were some absolutely bright, beautiful moments last year, but it was a challenging year.

Did I come out of the year stronger and more resilient then ever? Hell yes. Am I exhausted from all that growth? You know it.

Because of this, in 2021 I’m going back to basics. I want to build a strong holistic foundation upon which I’ll lean into my good habits, love myself well, and in turn be better prepared to care for and serve others.

Season 1

Episode #16

When Enough Was Enough Featuring Jamie Hill

After having her “something’s gotta change” moment, Jamie Hill decided to take control of her life. Now almost two years later, she and her family are approaching financial freedom, they’ve purchased their forever home, and she’s transitioned from a traditional 9-5 to working her own business which she’s grown as a side hustle into a full-time career. Most of all, her hard work in every area of life has given her back the gift of time. Which, in my humble opinion, is the greatest currency we have.

Episode #15

Becoming a Phoenix – A Conversation with Arianna Zabriskie

Have you ever watched someone transform and be in total awe? Well friends, that’s how I’ve felt watching Arianna Zabriskie’s story unfold. Arianna is a personal friend, and in the past year she’s completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, started her Doctoral studies, lived through a pandemic, grown her business, AND welcomed her daughter into the world. Tune in to learn how to tap into your inner strength and resilience from this incredible lady!

Episode #14

How I Draw Inspiration From My Tiara-Wearing, Lasso-Wielding Hero

Do you have a hero? Someone real or fictional from whom you can draw strength, inspiration, and confidence when you need it most? Well I sure as heck do, and it’s none other than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Tune in to find out why she’s my hero and the simple item I wear every single day to remind me to embody her courageous attitude.

Episode #13

Creativity Abounds with Amy Price

I am so excited this week to share with you a conversation I had with my cousin Amy Price. Amy is one of the most creative people I know, and today she’s sharing her story of how she came to work on Broadway, the pivots she’s taken since COVID-19 entered the picture (here’s a hint, her thriving Etsy store is the result of a desire to protect the people in her community and grew wildly from there), what creative pursuits she’s currently leaning into, and what to do if you find yourself in a creative rut. 

Episode #12

How to Make Personal Finance Approachable

Often times I find money is a taboo topic, so let’s break down that mental barrier, learn together, and walk confidently in the direction of our dreams. I’ve learned from personal experience that once you have a financial plan, any stress that was once associated with your finances is lifted. Even if you’re paying off debt, or saving an emergency fund, or working towards another big goal – just having a plan and implementing it day in and out will allow you to release  a giant sigh of relief.

Episode #11

Geo-what? Geoarbitrage, Baby!

This week I’m sharing all about some recent developments for our little family, including getting our home under contract to sell so that we can relocate to our dream hometown AND practice geoarbitrage at the same time. Talk about a win-win. Or a win-win-win-win-win…as the case may be!

Episode #10

Facing Fear and Cultivating Courage with Sarah Weyenberg

Welcome to the second half of Kate’s conversation with Shiny Happy Yoga founder Sarah Weyenberg! Together we dive into facing fear and how to build your bravery muscle with one small act of courage at a time. 

Episode #9

Show Up and Shine with Sarah Weyenberg

Join Kate and Sarah for today’s conversation all about showing up for yourself, challenging your comfort zone, and how yoga can truly be for anyone and everyone.

Episode #8

How My Core Values Streamline Decision-Making

This week Kate shares her three Core Values and how she uses them as an unwavering guide when making decisions, big and small.

Bonus Episode

Ten Steps To Craft A Vision Board That Actually Works!

This bonus episode is the follow-up to Episode #7 that walks you through the ten steps to follow in order to create a vision board that actually works…think of this episode as the nuts and bolts of how to prepare, assemble, and frame your goals!

Episode #7

Do Vision Boards Work Or Are They Too “Woo-Woo?”

In this week’s episode, Kate shares her secret sauce for crafting a vision board that actually works. Hint, it needs to be both attainable and aspirational. And it must follow three simple rules. 

Episode #5

Get Yourself A Mantra

When things get hard, what do you reach for to pull you through? To encourage you? To inspire, uplift, or motivate you? Well for me, I go to my personal mantra, over and over again. I tell myself, “I get to do this. I can do hard things.” Because there is strength and power in words and how you use them to speak to yourself.

Episode #4

You’re Worthy of Pursuing Big Goals

At the heart of the Live By Design Podcast is the belief that you and you alone are responsible for your health and happiness. And because of this, you have to make yourself and your dreams a priority.

Episode #3

Our Couples Gratitude Practice That’s Changed Everything

This week I sit down with my husband to discuss our shared gratitude practice and how it’s made us stronger and closer as a couple…even during a pandemic with two toddlers at home!

Episode #2

What is a Flow State Anyways?

How do you get “in the zone?” Where time slips away and you joyfully lose yourself in the moment? Tune in to find out what sparks that joy for me and how you can too!

Episode #1

Welcome to the Live by Design Podcast!

Welcome to the introductory episode where I share what motivates me to live a life of design, not default.