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Why Willpower Alone Won’t Get You There with Jenn Trepeck

June 21, 2024

Tired of relying on willpower to reach your health goals? Discover why it’s not enough and learn sustainable strategies for lasting change in this insightful podcast episode with health coach Jenn Trepeck!

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Hey there, Live By Design listeners! I’m so excited to share this insightful conversation with you, featuring the incredible Jenn Trepeck, a powerhouse in the wellness space. As a health coach and host of the Salad with a Side of Fries Podcast, Jenn’s mission is to empower women to break free from diet culture and create a healthier, happier life.

We all know that feeling of setting ambitious goals and relying on willpower to get us there. But what happens when our willpower starts to waver? That’s the question we tackle in this episode, and Jenn shares her expert insights on why willpower alone isn’t enough and how to build a sustainable foundation for lasting change.

Introducing Jenn Trepeck

Jenn’s passion for health and wellness stems from her own personal experience with weight management and the countless diets she tried before discovering a path to true transformation. She’s an insatiable student, constantly seeking to understand the “why” behind our health challenges and empowering her clients with the knowledge and tools they need to create a life they love.

The Willpower Myth

Jenn and I dive into the myth of willpower, revealing that it’s not the limitless resource we often assume it to be. Instead, she describes it as a refillable cup that gets drained throughout the day by every decision we make and every temptation we resist. This explains why relying on willpower alone often leads to burnout and frustration.

Willpower Guzzlers and Replenishers

In this episode, Jenn uncovers the hidden “willpower guzzlers” that sabotage our efforts, such as resisting desires, multitasking, low blood sugar, broken commitments, and decision fatigue. But she doesn’t stop there. She also shares powerful strategies for replenishing our willpower, including:

  • Nourishing foods: Eating balanced meals with protein, fiber, and healthy fats to stabilize blood sugar and fuel our brains.
  • Exercise: Even short bursts of physical activity can boost our willpower.
  • Accountability: Sharing our goals with a friend, coach, or support group can provide the motivation we need to stay on track.
  • Gratitude and generosity: Practicing gratitude and giving back to others can shift our focus and replenish our willpower.
  • Clear rules: Setting clear boundaries for ourselves can eliminate mental debate and preserve our willpower.
  • Distraction: When faced with temptation, finding healthy distractions can help us resist the urge.
  • Self-awareness: Simply being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can increase our willpower.

A Wellness-Over-Obsession Approach

Jenn’s approach to health and wellness is all about ditching the obsession with quick fixes and embracing sustainable lifestyle changes that we can enjoy and maintain for the long haul. She emphasizes the importance of working with our bodies, not against them, and finding ways to nourish our bodies and minds.

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