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 Kate loves to explore powerful habits, mindset shifts, goals with soul, self awareness and lifelong learning, all while cultivating joy and practicing gratitude each step of the way. She's always up for connecting with other podcasters to share this message of joy and empowerment!

Meet Kate House, host of the lbd podcast

Let's Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Ever find yourself stuck in all-or-nothing thinking? Are you ready to embrace a growth mindset and all the benefits it brings? Here's why it's important to do so and how to start!

How to Discover your Purpose

Whew, what a weighty topic! So instead, let's redefine purpose in a way that feels approachable (and exciting!) and find ways to start taking aligned action today.

What if self-love were so much more than face masks and bubble baths? What if practicing self-love could make you feel more fulfilled, confident, and compassionate? Kate would love to share how and why you should cultivate self-love every day!

7 Ways to Practice Self-Love

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I'm Kate, your #1 hype girl.

I wear many hats, but my favorites are health coach, podcast host, educator, runner, meditation junkie, mama x2, and wife to my college sweetheart. Living my most intentional, joy-filled life in the PA Countryside. 

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hey there!

I would love to see more of us lean into self-love, nurture our inner confidence, and unapologetically live by design and not default. Together, let's release the personal growth overwhelm and embrace specific, action-oriented learning and habit implementation!

My superpower is giving women permission to live their most joy-filled, purposeful lives, because I hate to see us defaulting through our days caring for everyone else but ourselves.

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morning routine
habit stacking
self love practices

"What is a keystone habit, and how can I use it to set my day up for success? How does that move me closer to achieving my goals?"

Sample questions:

Sample questions
to ask Kate:

seasons of life

"How can we take the pressure off finding our life 'purpose,' and how do we connect more deeply with our own?"

Sample questions:

Self Love
Personal growth

"What is the difference between self-love and self-care, and how I can start practicing it today to grow my self-confidence muscle?

Sample questions:

Gratitude practices
cultivating joy
life satisfaction

"Why do you practice gratitude every day, and how does that impact the amount of joy you experience? Does it help you enjoy the journey of achieving your dreams?"

Sample questions:

growth mindset
personal agency

"What exactly is a mindset, and why does it matter that I cultivate a growth mindset and move away from fixed-mindset thinking?"

Sample questions:

Life satisfaction

"How can I cultivate more happiness, and how is that different than toxic positivity? What health benefits does happiness hold?"

Sample questions:

goal setting
all-or-nothing thinking
a. b. + c goals

"How can I release all-or-nothing thinking, and what's another approach to goal setting that will help me feel successful?"

Sample questions:

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