Bonus Meditation Episodes

Do you have ten minutes to slow down and focus on your breath? Do you want to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and support your emotional health? Then give one of these brief Bonus Mini Meditation Episodes a go.

It’s the simplest thing you can do today. Truly. It’s free to listen. You don’t need any special equipment or clothing. No fancy meditation pillow required. Just take a seat. On your couch. Your floor. Your bed. Anywhere. Tune into one of these episodes, and gift yourself ten minutes of focusing on yourself and your breath.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Take a seat. Press play. Find your breath. And just be.

Mini Meditation #8 – Guided Visualization With Sarah Weyenberg The Live by Design Podcast

Ready for a guided visualization that’ll touch your heart and inspire you to move past fear and into the life you desire? Then buckle up because Sarah Weyenberg, founder of the online yoga studio Shiny Happy Yoga, guides today’s meditation and it’s seriously good…like goosebump-inducing good!And a huge thank you to Sarah for offering a free month of Shiny Happy Yoga online studio access to our community!!! Use code “livebydesign” to start your free month. Seriously friends, take Sarah up on this. You have nothing to lose and so much you can gain. She’s one of Kate’s all-time favorite yoga instructors for a reason!Worried you might miss an episode of the pod? Then I’ve got your back, friend! Join the weekly podcast newsletter to get each new episode delivered straight to your inbox. episode notes | weekly podcast newsletter | @livebydesignpodcast | shiny happy yoga | | online yoga studio
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