Let's Meditate

Do you have ten minutes to slow down and focus on your breath? Do you want to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and support your emotional health? Then give a Mini Motivational Meditation episodes a try.

It’s the simplest thing you can do today. Truly. It’s free to listen. You don’t need any special equipment or clothing. No fancy meditation pillow required. Just take a seat. On your couch. Your floor. Your bed. Anywhere. Tune into one of these episodes, and gift yourself ten minutes of focusing on yourself and your breath.

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Ready to slow down?

Sit back. Relax. And press play.

When my mind races, my anxiety creeps in, or my stress levels feel high - I know I'm not meditating regularly. Because when I carve out time each day to be present in my body and focus on my breath, everything else feels more doable. 

That's the beautiful thing about meditating. It doesn't have to be for a long stretch of time each day, but dang does it make a difference in how I feel!

These mini motivational meditations are my invitation to you to press pause on your day, come back to your body, and tune into your breath. 


I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying your mediations! I’ve been an avid mediator for years now, and would place your meditations up there with some of my favorites!”




" I’ve been enjoying your meditations. I’ve gotten out of it and have been quickly reminded that it makes such a huge difference."

reconnected with self:


real results

Let the words of Jen Sincero inspire you to action, let's do this!

hell-bent-for-glory action

Bask in the beauty of this moment, right here right now, while releasing any lingering anxiety.

"I am, here now"

Tune into your inner knowing and discover or refine your personal core values.

core values

Fan Favorite Meditations

"Every time I connect with Kate I instantly feel calmer, more open, and like I’m growing."

The way Kate connects with your goals and gently encourages us is so inspiring, and makes me feel like I DO have it in me to be a kinder, more conscious person. LOVE her!


embraced growth

"Kate reminds us that no one else controls our happiness but ourselves."

She just doesn’t tell us to be happier. She gives us the skills and tools to do so. She uses honest and real examples in her own life, helping us relate and hear how she uses her own tools for happiness. For me personally, I have learned how to recognize the small things in my day that bring me joy. With so much craziness in life, we need tools like this to help us along, find joy, to take back control, and live by design.


took back control

"Kate inspires me to push myself a little more than the day before."

Her thoughts are grounded in reality and her positivity is contagious! Her focus on joy reminds me that it is all around us - everyday. We just need to stop and soak it in!


cultivated joy


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