What’s your Why?

Have you ever thought about what motivates you to stay committed to personal growth when things get tough? Whether you’re an intrinsically or externally motivated person, it’s so important to know your why, because that keeps you reaching for more day in and day out.

My “why” is a love and passion for others and wanting them to feel vibrant and strong. It’s what motivated me as a yoga teacher why I’m growing my health coaching practice. Seeing others succeed fills me with so much joy, and equipping others to lead lives of purpose is absolutely my calling.

Another “why” of mine are our sweet boys. I want them to grow up seeing their mom kicking ass – through running and doing yoga to be physically strong, financially through entrepreneurship, and emotionally as an exceptional wife & mom. I want them to see someone who’s kind but won’t compromise on personal principles, who empowers and lifts others up but knows the importance of pouring into yourself first. Because, after all, you can’t pour from an empty vessel.

And finally, I’m my last “why.” I want to feel strong in my body, loving in my heart, and calm in my mind. I work towards greater health and wellness because I get this one life and this one body, and I owe it to myself to go all in. For myself. My husband. My boys. My community.

So friends, what’s your “why?” What will keep you committed to your health goals? Your relationship goals? Your life goals? It all starts with your why.

Interested in partnering with a health coach as you focus on your own wellness and hone in on your why? If so, hit me up to schedule a complimentary health history call to see if we’d partner well together on your health journey!

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