What My Spiritual Practice Looks Like Today

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? As someone raised in an uber-religious school and church, it took me years to tease through those experiences (which, to be totally honest, weren’t full of sunshine and unicorns) and after leaving the church learn what a spiritual practice looks and feels like for me outside of religion.

In today’ episode, I open up (like, way, way up!) about the journey I’ve gone on and how it’s led me to embracing spirituality as an opportunity to connect with something bigger than myself, more often than not by slowing down, being purposeful with my actions, and getting outdoors.

This episode was a hard one for me to record, but it’s important to me to acknowledge all twelve sections of the Circle of Life exercise which is the basis for our second season of the podcast. So here’s me, open, raw, and vulnerable, hoping that my story might make you feel seen and remind you that you’re not alone.

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