From Unitarian to Buddhist: A Journey of Reinvention with Wendy Battles

Friends! I’m so thrilled to bring today’s conversation to your ear buds – because let me tell you, this episode is gooooood.

This week we continue our discussion centered on spirituality, and joining the podcast is Wendy Battles of the Reinvention Rebels Podcast. Listening to Wendy each week leaves me feeling inspired, confident, and energized. Not only does Wendy speak to the rebel in me who wants to live by design and not default, but she’s also the most articulate, well-spoken podcast host around (seriously, I would listen to Wendy read the phone book!).

So sit back, pour a cup of coffee, and listen to Wendy pour insight and purpose into your day as she shares how she was raised in the Unitarian faith, and through a commitment to curiosity, openness, and intuition, found a spiritual peace with Buddhism. 

Tune into Wendy’s bonus episode where she shares the advice she wishes she could share with her past self – and it’s goooood!

Meet Wendy

“Hi, I’m Wendy Battles. I’m a curious soul who loves to talk to people and understand their experiences. I believe that reinvention is a natural part of life, something that many of us have done numerous times. At 55, I’m at it again but this time, I’m not just reinventing myself, I’m becoming a Reinvention Rebel – finding my voice and unapologetically pursuing my biggest dreams and desires.”

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Let’s Chat Spirituality

Are you still on the journey to discovering what spirituality means to you? Or how it manifests in your life? I sure am (see last week’s episode as proof!), and speaking with those who have found a peace with their own spiritual journey has been immensely helpful for me in finding my own way forward.

Wendy’s kind insights on spirituality are sure to leave you feeling encouraged and inspired to continue your own personal growth. Throughout our conversation Wendy shared how she was raised in the Unitarian faith and how, over time, she discovered what truly works for her, and that’s Buddhism.

Wendy leads a community of Reinvention Rebels – women who unapologetically and boldly reimage life on their own terms – and I believe that spirit of purpose and possibilities shines through in this conversation. Whether you’ve found what spirituality means to you, or you’re still in the discovery phase like yours truly, I hope Wendy’s encouragement helps you on your path:

“All the answers are within us. I know I’ve spent a lot of time looking outside myself for answers…but if I get really quiet I’m amazed at the inspiration that bubbles up.”

– Wendy Battles on The Live By Design Podcast, Season 2, Episode15

Joyful Corner

Any other book lovers out there?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

I’ve been listening to Essentialism by Greg McKeown on Audible and have had many an “aha!” moment while listening. I was first introduced to Greg’s work via Amy Jo Martin’s Why Not Now Podcast, and now in diving into Essentialism I’m learning how to choose to pursue the essential few vs. the trivial many.

Here are my two favorite excerpts thus far!

“Essentialism is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done. It doesn’t mean just doing less for the sake of less either. It is about making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy in order to operate at our highest point of contribution by doing only what is essential.”

Greg McKeown, Essentialism

And this part gave me goosebumps, and I swear I read this book after starting this podcast!

“The way of the Essentialist means living by design, not by default. Instead of making choices reactively, the Essentialist deliberately distinguishes the vital few from the trivial many, eliminates the nonessentials, and then removes obstacles so the essential things have clear, smooth passage. In other words, Essentialism is a disciplined, systematic approach for determining where our highest point of contribution lies, then making execution of those things almost effortless.”

Greg McKeown, Essentialism

And if you like learning about how “consistency compounds” and how that shows up in my personal life (and especially in my commitment to health and wellness), then my conversation with Alice Havill might especially speak to you!

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