Bonus Episode: Learning To Let Go with Brittany Frisch

This week’s bonus episode features Brittany Frisch – whom you might remember from a recent Client Spotlight on the podcast where we celebrated a big personal and professional milestone Brittany had just achieved! You can check out that episode here if you want to add it to your listening queue.

In today’s episode, Brittany shares life advice she’s learned over the years, and it’s gooood. For any other recovering people pleasers / perfectionists out there, this one will really speak to you.

Meet Brittany

“Hi! I’m Brittany! I’m so glad you’re here! I would love to tell you a little about myself! I’m married to Luke – an Army Ranger who is truly my best friend, and we have two sweet little boys. While they’re both blond with blue eyes, they couldn’t be more different. Logan is hell-on-wheels, extraordinarily smart with a vocabulary that is rare for a 4-year-old, has the biggest imagination and also the biggest heart. Liam recently turned 2 and is (and has always been) the most calm, sweet, kind presence, and has been the easiest baby I’ve ever heard of. We also have the sweetest Corgi-Aussie mix you ever did meet named Joe. We live a busy and full life! In fact, we have lived in 7 houses in 5 states, in 6 years before finally settling on a quaint farm in PA!”


Connect with Brittany | @brittanyfrischphotography | @brittanyfrischfilms

Need a photographer for an upcoming wedding, family photoshoot, or even branding for your business? Then friend, I can tell you from personal experience how lovely it is to work with Brittany – as she does all of our family and branding shoots! Brittany primarily shoots in PA, NJ, MD, and DE, and she LOVES to travel and is always up for a destination shoot too.

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