A Journey of Self Love and Acceptance with Cara Ansis

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you needed to make a change? Whether that was in your career, relationship, or – dare I say – your religious institution?

This week we wrap up our conversation on Spirituality with Cara Ansis. Cara has a master’s degree in Soul Care and is a certified Spiritual Director who works with women as they enter their own inward journey towards taking better care of themselves.

Tune in to hear as Cara shares her own story of spiritual awakening and self-healing – and believe me when I say that she shares with openness, candor, and humor – all while discussing a deeply personal, heartfelt experience.

What attracted Kate to Cara (and her business partner Rachael) of @happywholeway is their emphasis on the everyday techniques, rituals, and tools they share which allow others to connect with their own healing abilities and radically transform their own lives.

When Kate thinks of those who truly embody what it means to “live by design,” Cara is at the top of the list. So sit back, pour a fresh cup of coffee, and allow Cara to pour kindness and inspiration into your heart and soul!

Meet Cara

Location: Chicago, Virtual 

Offerings: 1:1 Coaching paired with energy work, Online courses

Specialization: Faith Deconstruction, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, MindBody Connection, Emotional Intelligence, Grief, Kids + Family

Education|Certifications: BA in Religion, Certified Spiritual Director, MA in Soul Care, Certification in Authentic Listening Skills

Kate’s a follower of Cara and her business partner Rachael’s Instagram account @happywholeway because each day they teach on self growth, being curious, and how to heal the self from within. In addition to their incredibly insightful captions (which are little life lessons in and of themselves!) – all of the images are impeccably beautiful. Just take a gander below to see!

If Cara’s personal story of finding her way back to herself spoke to you, then there’s a number of ways to connect with and work with her and Happy Whole Way! Connect here: @happywholeway on instagram | join happy whole u | love language quiz | 1 on 1 soul care sessions | free monthly soulfirmations

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