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Bonus Episode: “You’re Not Out to Prove Anything. You’re Just Out to Be” with Stacey Shifflett

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking with Stacey Shifflett – known as The Fit Stylist – who twenty years ago lost her Dad to suicide. Stacey shared with us how this tragedy changed her life in every way and ultimately empowered her to stop following the crowd, to become the hero of her own story, and how her Dad still supports her daily. You can listen to that episode here if you missed it. 

In today’s bonus episode Stacey shares advice she wishes she had known a decade ago. And her advice is familiar to our podcast community, as many of us can identify with worrying about what others think of us and have people-pleasing tendencies. Stacey also dives into how she uses self-care and mindset work to live her most intentional and authentic life.

So, put in your earbuds and listen in as Stacey shares with you insights from the last decade and where she sees herself 10 years into the future as well!

Meet Stacey

Stacey Shifflett calls herself The Fit Stylist and helps others be the leader of their own life. Stacey is the founder of Believe Nation and the owner of the Truly Inspired Hair Studio.

Stacey’s goal in the future is to start an annual walk for suicide prevention to honor her Dad and be able to give back financially to her community.

If you would like to connect with Stacey you can find her here:

Instagram at Stacey Shifflett

Instagram at Truly Inspired Hair Studio

Facebook at Stacey Grabner Shifflett

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