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What Season 2 of the Pod has Taught Me: Bravery, Courageousness and the Power of Self-Confidence

December 2, 2021

I’m two seasons into hosting the podcast, and today I spill ALL that I’ve learned along the way!

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Wow! I can barely contain my excitement as episode 72 airs, and I’m wrapping up the final episode of season 2 of The Live By Design Podcast!

In this special episode I’m reflecting back on what I have learned on this journey, what I’ll do differently in the future, how I’ve grown as a person and a host, and what to expect in season 3!

So, what have I learned on this crazy and amazing journey!?

  • That you, my dear friends, love my solo shows where I share personal stories, anecdotes, or a pain point and how I worked through it. The other is when I bring on guests who have inspired me personally to share their stories of hardships and how they overcame it. So, expect season 3 to have alternating weeks of solo shows and a guest – and you can expect to see more of my mini meditations in season 3, because I’ve missed recording those!
  • I’ve learned to get out of my comfort zone by asking people I don’t personally know to be on the podcast. And if you think about it, what is the worst thing that would happen by asking? They say no? So I’ve learned to not be afraid to put myself out there and not take rejection personally when it comes.
  • The podcast gives me the ability to show up authentically as who I am and to always stay a curious student of life. Whether that means sharing about a hard time I’m going through or what’s working as I prioritize my own health and wellness.
  • I’ve learned that asking for help is a strength and not a weakness. Which is why I’ve brought on my first team member! Liz Chapman has joined the LBD Co. team to help me manage the podcast, and that gives me the opportunity to free up my time to coach you on your health goals, create my masterclass, and I’ll be launching The Live By Design Co Club in 2022 too!
  • And I’m most grateful that the podcast has helped me to keep myself accountable to my morning routine, for always being a student first and then a teacher, and my most profound takeaway is the amount of growth in my confidence. I’m just so dang proud of myself for showing up, doing the work, and finding my voice!

What you can expect from season 3 of The Live By Design Podcast

  • You can expect me to be back in your ears in January 2022!
  • You will hear shows around mindset, habits, goal-setting, healthy routines, scripting the life of your dreams, and manifestation.
  • I’ll be sharing really tactical advice to get you closer to achieving your goals. 
  • I’ll continue my book reports because I want to share with you tools that inspire living a life of purpose – we even have a few more authors lined up to speak on their work!
  • I’ll be recording an episode of the advice I’d give myself from 10 years ago! As well as reviewing my goals in my personal life and my business for 2022. 
  • I’ll be bringing on an Enneagram expert  to talk about different personality types and what their strengths are and how they can empower you to live by design.
  • And finally, I’ll really be digging into joy and gratitude! As well as routines and rhythms you can implement to set yourself up for success. 

And as I’ve mentioned, I’ll be launching the exclusive The Live By Design Co. Club! Each month will have a theme and a corresponding habit that we will work on implementing together. And the best part of this club will be the community surrounding it! It will give you direct access to me as well as to the other members of the club. We will have monthly zoom calls to talk about how we are setting ourselves up for success, and the LBD Co. Club will be a place to come together without judgement, with kindness in our hearts, and to encourage and uplift one another. Look for The Live By Design Co Club launching in early 2022!

Have you joined my love letter? I love connecting with you via email, and this is also the best way to know when a new episode drops on the podcast. I oversee my email account and if you have questions, feedback, or would like to connect about coaching just hit reply to the email and I’ll personally get your response and connect with you! 

So, since it’s really important to me that I get to be the voice of a friend in your ear, go ahead and put in your earbuds and listen in as I go through everything I’ve learned over the last season and where I see season 3 headed!

Joyful Corner

Today I am so grateful for Britt Frisch who has become such a close and wonderful friend of mine! You may remember Britt from her time on the podcast when she spoke about conquering big goals which has been one of my most downloaded episodes! If you missed that episode you can listen to it here

Britt recently did a photoshoot for me and my family. She took new branding photos for The Live By Design Podcast so you will see those on my cover art soon! My favorite part about shooting photos with Britt is how comfortable she makes me feel on camera because she gives the best cues on how to move and orient my body. And she goes above and beyond by helping me set up a space in our home so that it will pop on camera! 

We also took our first professional family photos since the pandemic started! And as a mom of 2 young boys I’m so grateful for the way she can get my kiddos to smile on camera! We had an especially fun time with silly string at the request of my 3 year old and I can not wait to show you how much fun we had with that!

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