How I Embrace Goal Setting in the New Year

Welcome back friends! I am so excited to be back on the pod with you for Season 3 of The Live By Design Podcast!

Today we are talking about goal setting…but goal setting in a different way! 

Goal setting is one of my favorite topics, and this year I’ve drastically changed how I will approach setting goals for myself. In the past, I’ve set super specific, measurable goals. And while I still believe there’s a season of life where that approach feels right, coming out of a challenging two years I’m looking forward to adjusting my goal setting technique a bit…for this year at least!

Instead of setting highly specific goals, I’m going to approach my year with intention and ease. Sometimes it can be exhausting trying to meet my own self-imposed goals, so in 2022 I’m embracing the word “ease” and am applying it to all areas of my life – personal, family, and work!

I love to choose a word for the year. Last year I chose rooted. I wanted to feel rooted in my community, in my home, and in my relationships. This year the word that has settled on my heart is Ease. What does Ease look like for me this year and how does it play into my goals? 

  • Enjoying moments with my kids where I’m not pushing an activity or agenda 
  • Ease looks like not overscheduling and if an opportunity or commitment isn’t a hell yes then it’s a hell no
  • Ease looks like quiet evenings at home in front of the fireplace with a good book
  • Ease looks like running my first postpartum marathon, however, I’ll be approaching my training in a more relaxed way 
  • Ease looks like building my business but being satisfied if grows in different ways than I expect  
  • Building my 1:1 coaching practice, launching The Live By Design Co Club, and future courses that I am creating and doing so in a fun way

Will you be choosing a word for this year? How about setting your own goals? 

I’m also talking on the pod about tangible things you can do on your own as you set your 2022 goals and the practices I personally use to help select your own word for the year. And I would love it when you choose your word that you come see me on Instagram and leave me a comment about your chosen word or better yet send me a DM so we can chat about it!

So friends, pop in those ear buds and let’s get 2022 off to an amazing start together!

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I firmly believe that how you spend your day is how you spend your life  and did you know that researchers have found that 40% of your day is executed as a habit? 40%! What if you could layer into your day intentional, health-oriented, joy-centered, and gratitude-bursting habits? What would your day look like? How would you FEEL?

I want to help you succeed in setting and implementing habits, which is why I created The Live By Design Co. Habit Tracker – and friends, this resource is good. In it I share what habits are, how they’re established, why habit stacking works, and provide a one month habit tracker to support you in meeting your habit goal. Download your free habit tracker here, and if you’re looking to layer in new habits in the new year, then the LBD Co. Club was created just for you! If you would like to learn more about The Live By Design Co Club you can join our wait list here! 

Joyful Corner

Today I am grateful for the book You Are a Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. This book really resonates with me and I feel like she speaks directly to me with her honesty, hilarity, and wisdom. 

My favorite line from the book is, “I’m talking about freeing yourself up to thrive in abundance instead of living life clinging to your fears. I’m talking about focusing on your heart’s desires, on infinite possibility, on enjoying the crap out of your life instead of worrying about what you might lose.”

This book is helping me lean into the things that light me up, the things that only I can do and building a team of badass people who can help me execute everything else. 

Which is why I’m trying to embrace this in all areas of my life. Like with growing my team. I’ve brought on my incredible podcast manager Liz Chapman and I’ve recently brought on Shannon Shaheenva who is a virtual assistant and will be helping me launch The Live By Design Co Club. She is incredible at graphic design and helping me write emails!

I’m learning I can’t do this alone and relying on people to help who have skill sets that far outweigh my own makes me so grateful for women like Liz and Shannon who are now a part of my Live By Design Co team and can help me realize my dreams! I’m just so grateful for incredible women doing incredible things.


Health Coaching with Kate: And if you are feeling like health coaching might be the right fit for you, I’d love to schedule a free Discovery Call to see if we’d work well in a coaching relationship! You can learn more about my 6 Month Coaching Program here!

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