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Break Up with Diet Culture and Embrace Body Confidence with Coach Ali Sempek

June 18, 2024

Struggling with diet culture and body image issues? Learn how to embrace intuitive eating, cultivate self-worth, and find confidence!

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Get ready to be inspired! Today, we’re diving into a conversation with Ali Sempek, a dynamic health and life coach and host of the Embrace You podcast. Ali is passionate about empowering women to break free from diet culture and embrace a healthier, happier, and more confident life. In this episode of Live By Design, Ali shares her personal journey and coaching philosophy, offering practical steps to reclaim your relationship with food and your body. You can connect with Ali on her website at, on Instagram @askcoachali, and on Tiktok @askcoachali too! Let’s dive in and discover how to ditch the overwhelm and design a life we love!

Ali Sempek’s Story: A Decade of Disordered Eating and Body Dysmorphia

Ali Sempek’s story is one that many women can relate to. Growing up in a health and fitness-focused family, she felt pressure to conform to societal ideals of thinness. Despite being naturally curvy, she was constantly told she was “too much” and internalized the message that she wasn’t enough.

This led to a decade-long struggle with disordered eating and body dysmorphia. Ali tried every diet and exercise program imaginable, hoping to find the magic formula that would finally make her feel happy and accepted. But the more she focused on shrinking herself, the more disconnected and miserable she became.

It wasn’t until Ali Sempek started questioning the societal messages she had been fed and prioritizing her mental and emotional well-being that she began to heal her relationship with her body and food. She realized that true health and happiness come from a place of self-love and acceptance, not from striving to meet unrealistic standards.

Ali Sempek’s Coaching Philosophy: Wellness Over Obsession

Ali Sempek’s coaching philosophy is centered around the principle of “wellness over obsession.” She believes that sustainable change comes from making choices that are both pleasurable and realistic, not from following restrictive diets or punishing exercise routines.

Her approach involves a holistic focus on mindset, intuitive eating, joyful movement, stress management, and confidence building. She guides her clients through a process of self-reflection, helping them uncover and challenge the limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Ali Sempek also emphasizes the importance of community and connection. She believes that we are not meant to go through this journey alone, and that having a supportive network of like-minded individuals can be incredibly empowering.

The Path to Self-Love and Body Confidence

Ali Sempek’s coaching program is designed to help women reclaim their relationship with food and their bodies. Here’s a glimpse into the key steps of her transformative journey:

  1. Reflect on the Past: Understand where your negative beliefs and patterns originated. Explore how societal messages and past experiences have shaped your relationship with food and your body.
  2. Shift Your Mindset: Challenge negative self-talk and cultivate a more positive and compassionate inner dialogue. Learn to focus on your strengths and celebrate your unique qualities.
  3. Embrace Intuitive Eating: Tune into your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues. Give yourself permission to eat what you enjoy and nourish your body with foods that make you feel good.
  4. Find Joyful Movement: Discover forms of exercise that you genuinely enjoy and that make you feel strong and empowered. Move your body in ways that celebrate what it can do, rather than punishing it for what it looks like.
  5. Cultivate Confidence: Build self-worth and confidence by focusing on your inner strengths, values, and accomplishments. Embrace your authenticity and let go of the need for external validation.

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