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Here's everything I need to support an active lifestyle, a bookshelf full of insight, podcasting, intentional living, practicing gratitude, letter writing, and so much more!

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How I Start My Day With Gratitude & Intention

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Do Vision Boards Actually Work? I Say, "Absolutely!"

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Trucker hats, enamel pins, coffee mugs, and more to keep you inspired!

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I truly believe in keeping things simple, but there are a few items that have helped me on my journey to living with intention - specifically with a focus on health, simple pleasures, and cultivating joy...all with a side of gratitude. Let's go!


Make your sweat sessions fun + friend-filled, and receive $100 off accessories!

Pruvit ketones

Energy, Focus, Fat Loss?
Yes, yes, yes!

Journaling Must-Have

Grab my fave Moleskine journal for a productive, heartfelt writing sesh.

Favorite stationary

Want to cultivate joy? Then practice gratitude. Start with snail mailed notes!


Because my #1 nemesis is lukewarm coffee, amiright?!

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grab yours
grab yours

Your Hydration bestie

Studies show that the majority of adults aren't hydrating enough. Are you one of them?

running essentials

A list of my favorite, must-have running essentials to make the miles more fun!

Podcasting starter kit

Everything I use to record your fave weekly podcast.

grab a nalgene
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coming soon!

What does a coffee-loving, active-lifestyle-seeking, podcasting, toddler mama love the most?

running essentials

A list of my favorite, must-have running essentials to make the miles more fun!

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Do you have ten minutes to slow down and focus on your breath? Are you ready to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and support your emotional health? Then snag my free Meditation Bundle!

Slow down

And just breathe.

Are you ready to dream big, set actionable goals, & live your most abundant, vivacious, and audacious life? Excellent! Press play and let's do this.

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