Is Health Coaching For You?

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, especially the Special Series based on The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Circle of Life Exercise, then you’re probably already aware that I’m a huge advocate for IIN’s Health Coach Training Program.

I first enrolled with IIN when I was a full-time yoga instructor and studio manager looking for a deeper, more personal way to connect with and support my yoga students outside of the studio. Often times after class I would have these incredible conversations with my students about their health and wellness goals, and I wanted to be able to not only offer kind words of support and encouragement but actually help them bring these dreams into reality.

Enter IIN.

I loved that the program curriculum was released one a week-by-week basis, so it never felt too overwhelming to complete. Instead, I was able to lean into one specific topic at a time and feel comfortable and confident in it before moving to the next module.

I also appreciated that both their website and app supported my learning experience. Often times I was taking my IIN classes when I had a couple of free hours in-between teaching in the yoga studio. Most of that time I wasn’t at home or on my laptop, but I was still able to watch and listen to the lessons on my phone from the nearest Panera or park. When I say their app is awesome and super user friendly, I truly mean that from personal experience!

IIN is where I was first introduced to the concept of “the ripple effect,” whereby you spread health and happiness to others, and they in turn share that joy, and it continues to grow indefinitely. That’s was one of the things that inspired me to include “Joyful Corner” as part of The Live By Design Podcast. I personally want to create this ripple effect of health and happiness, and I want you to spread it as well by being an actual part of the podcast!

Ultimately, I learned how to be an effective coach, confidant, and accountability buddy through the IIN Health Coach Training Program. Their holistic approach to health and wellness resonates with me on a personal level, as I too believe that my wellbeing is of the body, mind, and soul. Understanding the role of Primary Foods, Secondary Foods, and The Circle of Life has impacted my own personal life, as I continue to strive for health in all areas.

If becoming a health coach for personal enrichment or to grow your own practice is of interest to you, connect with me anytime at to ask me literally anything…I’m an open book! If you decide to take the next step and enroll in an upcoming IIN class, I’d be super grateful if you’d use my personal IIN alumni referral link as it provides me with a small bonus from IIN which I immediately turn around and invest back in to growing The Live By Design Podcast!