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Living Intentionally In 2021: Season 2 Begins!

January 10, 2021

Are you ready to step into the new year with strength, resilience, and a strong foundation based in holistic health? Let’s focus on healthy habits, self-love, and loving others well.

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Did 2020 leave you feeling a little bruised? Same. There were some absolutely bright, beautiful moments last year, but it was also one of the most challenging years for me personally to date. Did I come out of the year stronger and more resilient then ever? Hell yes. Am I exhausted from all that growth? You know it.

Because of this, I’ve decided in 2021 to go back to basics. I want to build a strong holistic foundation upon which I’ll lean into my good habits, love myself well, and in turn be better prepared to care for and serve others – such as my children, husband, family, friends, my new hometown community, and our growing podcast tribe!

So if you too are ready to make yourself a priority (because after all, if you don’t – who will?), then press play to hear what I have lined up for the coming year. Let’s live by design, not default, together.

Welcome to the 2021 Special Podcast Series!

This year on the podcast I’m going to delve into The Institute For Integrative Nutrition’s Circle of Life Exercise. We’ll take two weeks to explore each of the twelve sections of the circle with a solo episode hosted by Kate one week and a conversation with someone who lives a life of excellence in that specific area the next. In between you’ll find bonus mini episodes about health, wellness, mindset, joy, as well as mini meditation episodes too!

Going into 2021 I created a fresh new vision board and picked a word for the year. This year I’m focusing on being “rooted.” Rooted in my commitment to health, rooted in my morning routine, rooted in my good habits, rooted in my desire to grow our podcast tribe and my business as a whole, rooted to connecting with my local community and contributing in a meaningful way, rooted as a friend / family member, and rooted as a patient parent and present spouse. I want to pour into the things that bring me joy (like gardening, painting, creating, practicing yoga, running, connecting with friends, you get it!) and let go of the things that feel like obligations.

What if you picked a word for the year, crafted a vision board that actually works, and then pursued those goals day after day after day? Where would you be in a year? Where would you be in ten? One of my favorite quotes related to consistent effort is from Bill Gates:

Are you ready to live 2021 with intention? To choose to care for yourself and work towards achieving your goals every day? To creating time and space for yourself to recharge and reconnect, to live with joy and gratitude, and not feel burnt out?

❤️ If 2020 left you feeling weary, this series is for you

❤️ If you’ve felt at the end of the proverbial rope for months now (sameee), this series is for you

❤️ If you need someone to give you permission to live your one and only life on your terms and make yourself a priority again (I’m looking at you, friend), this series is for you

It’s my hope that this series gives you both inspiration and tangible advice with which to live more fully by design and leave the defaulting through life behind you.

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Joyful Corner

Welcome to Joyful Corner, my chance each week to share with you something that’s brought me joy or an experience I’m grateful to have experienced. This week I shared how, along the theme of being “rooted,” I gifted 23 And Me kits to myself and my husband for Christmas. I’m excited to receive our results and start learning more about our family history, cook meals that honor our heritage, and teach our kids about who they are and where they come from.

I’m also grateful for a special moment with my youngest son, Conrad. I was tucking him into his crib the other night, and I layered on top of him first a knit blanket my Grammy made for him and second a baby quilt my Grandma made for me when I was a baby. Even though we live far from Grammy and my Grandma passed a decade ago, my sweet little babe is kept warm each night by his two great-grandmothers. Talk about rooted. My mommy heart was full of love and gratitude when I had that crib-side realization.

Joyful Corner Listener Voicemail

And a huge thank you this week to Ashley G for our Joyful Corner Listener Voicemail! Ashley shared the gratitude and joy she has for her community and how they’ve supported one another during this past year especially. On a personal note, Ashley and I have been friends since college and she’s one of my boys’ pen pals. She regularly sends them postcards and letters and they love nothing more that opening mail from their Auntie Ashley. I’m deeply grateful to have friends who are there for both me and my kiddos.

Until next time friends – spread some joy, make someone smile!

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