Shiny Happy Yoga

Have you ever met someone that you instantly connected with? That was Kate’s experience the first time she met our podcast guest, Sarah Weyenberg. Kate was instantly drawn to Sarah’s authenticity while teaching fun and joyful yoga classes…and not to mention her laugh is totally contagious!

In 2018 Sarah launched her online yoga studio, Shiny Happy Yoga, which now boasts over 100 classes and meditations. Join us for two episodes all about showing up for yourself, challenging your comfort zone, and how to find the courage to face your fear and keep growing.



Sarah also hosted a Mini Meditation Episode where she guides you through a visualization exercise of meeting your 90-year-old-self. And friends, I actually cried while editing the episode because it’s that good. Press play to listen to the conversations or the meditation below!


And finally, Sarah and I came back together (virtually) to record a conversation all about one of our personal favorite topics – JOY! Sarah shares how she cultivates joy in her everyday life and what you too can do to do the same!


Need to tap into your inner joy? Then give this mini meditation episode a go, lead by none other than Sarah herself!


A huge thank you to Sarah for offering a free month of Shiny Happy Yoga online studio access to our community!!! Use code “livebydesign” to start your free month. Seriously friends, take Sarah up on this. You have nothing to lose and so much you can gain. She’s one of Kate’s all-time favorite yoga instructors for a reason. And once you sign up, tag Sarah on Instagram to thank her!