Mini Inspiration Episode – Dreaming Big With Jamie Hill

Last week’s episode When Enough Was Enough Featuring Jamie Hill was chock full of inspirational goodness, so much so that I didn’t want Jamie’s advice to her ten-years-ago-self to get lost in a longer episode. Heck, today’s mini episode!

Give a listen if hearing someone dream big will encourage and inspire you to do the same. Because we get just this one life, and the only person who can truly give you permission to call you shot is yourself.

I hope Jamie’s dream gets you excited to embrace 2021 and all the power you have to manifest dreams for yourself too. It’s also a great precursor to my upcoming Special Podcast Series based on The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Circle of Life Exercise. I plan to use this series in my own personal life to build a strong foundation from which to build in the coming year. I’d love for you to join me, and be sure to grab a spot on my weekly email love letter to know when each fresh episode drops and to get all my recourses and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox!


Did Jamie’s story inspire you and you want to follow along on her journey? Awesome! The best way to connect with Jamie is on Instagram @jamiehill27. Slide into her DM’s to connect or if you’re interested in learning more about Pruvit Ketones!

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