How to Find Connection Amidst Conflict – A Conversation About Relationship with Bridget Covill

How do you create connection within a relationship, even amidst conflict?

That’s the question that today’s guest, Connection Coach Bridget Covill, answers. And I have to say, not only is her advice insightful and immediately applicable in each and every one of our lives, but she shares with sincerity and warmth. Bridget truly wants to walk alongside us during difficult times, and in this episode she shares how to navigate challenging relationships with her time-tested 5 step approach to connection.

And here’s a sneak peek, the final step involves something we know and love around The Live By Design Co. community – gratitude! See, I told you she’s awesome 😉

Meet Bridget

“I am a sober mamma of 4, married to my husband for 13 years, a huge fan of dance parties and relaxing by any body of water. I am extremely passionate about helping moms thrive in their relationships. I teach moms how to create self confidence in order to experience true connection and create thriving relationships.”

Bridget and I first connected online on Instagram, and we immediately clicked! She was an active participant in my mini meditation challenge back in March of this year, and we’ve stayed connected ever since. Not only does Bridget radiate light and love, but she’s a connection coach who’s mission in life is to walk alongside others when they need it most. And here’s why she’s the perfect guest for this conversation. Her IG bio reads, “I teach you how to get out of your head & into your heart so you can connect more fully with yourself and others.” Bingo!

During our conversation, one of the things that Bridget shares is that, “If you have a head and a heart, you need coaching. Our hearts are designed to create connection, but our heads always get in the way.” She went on to explain how our brains are designed to ensure we survive, and sometimes these preservation instincts get in the way of us building and maintaining resilient relationships.

But the first step to deepening our connection with others is digging into our relationship with ourselves – with our thoughts, our patterns of behavior, and how our inner experience is the lens through which we view the world. And once this inner work is underway, it allows us to approach our connection with others with greater openness and understanding.

Which is why Bridget created her 5 Steps to Create Connection Guide! She shares with us how these steps have proven to her time and time again that it is possible to find connection, even when you’re in conflict.

The 5 Steps to Create Connection

  1. It starts with you. You must own your experience and realize that it impacts how you see the world around you, relationships included.
  2. Next you must acknowledge the other person’s experience – and their internal world. And that they too experience the world through their own personal lens.
  3. Then you release judgement of the situation and invite curiosity instead. Bridget shares that, “Judgement says that they’re wrong, or that I’m wrong. Curiosity says no one’s wrong, this is just two different experiences.”
  4. Following that you focus on seeking connection over control.
  5.  And finally, you transition to feeling deep gratitude for the experience and for the lesson that came from this relationship (whether the relationship continues or has come to a close). This practice allows you to get to a place where that person is neutral to you. Forgiveness is important, yes. But gratitude for the purpose in the pain that you’ve walked through is the key.

You can learn even more about these steps in downloading Bridget’s full guide here, and if her message resonates with you there are many ways to connect with her online!

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