The Power of Setting A, B and C Goals!

When it comes to setting your goals do you think of them as all or nothing? What if you release the all-or-nothing thinking and just enjoy the journey?

Several years ago I learned about setting A, B, and C goals and I’ll be using this goal setting technique as I prepare for my first postpartum half marathon!

So, what do these goals look like? Here’s how I define A, B, and C goals:

  • A Goal – This is the best case scenario! Whatever it is that you set your mind to do is accomplished and you feel fantastic! Heck, you even “beat” your goal and are ecstatic at the results!
  • B Goal – Woohoo! You hit your goal, whatever it may be, and while it wasn’t the best case scenario, you still feel accomplished and give yourself a mental high five for working so hard and celebrating the journey each day!
  • C Goal – This should be a level of your goal that you’re 90% sure you can accomplish no matter what. And even if you meet this goal, or maybe parts of it, you’ll still feel a sense of pride in yourself for having shown up, done the work, and you LOVE how you felt throughout this journey. No matter how things turned out with this specific goal, you’re grateful for its pursuit because of how you showed up for yourself in its pursuit. That is a win all of its own!

For my half marathon, this is what A, B, and C goals look like:

  • A Goal – This is the best case scenario! I run my fastest race yet. I feel strong and run every mile faster than the one before. This race feels like a celebration of the person I’ve become. I end the race feeling joyful and ready for a post race beer!
  • B Goal – I feel GOOD when running! It might not be my fastest time or my “best” race but I’m enjoying myself and I end with a smile on my face.
  • C Goal – Holy cow this race was a CHALLENGE! The weather didn’t cooperate, I stepped in a puddle and had wet feet, I got a cramp but I crossed the finish line and that is a cause for celebration! And while the race didn’t go like I wanted I still have a sense of self-satisfaction and pride in my accomplishment.

I love this approach of goal setting. Instead of focusing on all-or-nothing-thinking, I’m setting myself up for success by knowing I’ll accomplish my C goal (in all likelihood!), which makes me feel accomplishment and pride in myself. And if I hit my B or even my A goal, that’s just icing on the cake!

How will you use A, B, and C goals during your day? I’d love to know how you will implement this strategy!

I’ve even created a free worksheet for you to use when setting your A, B, and C goals and that you can find here! And I’d love for you to come see me over on Instagram and continue the conversation and let me know all about your goals!

So friends pop in your earbuds and learn how to set those goals!

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