How to Leverage The Law of Attraction and Move Towards a Goal in the Best Way with Ginny Gane

Friends, wow!! I am blown away by my conversation today with Ginny Gane from the Manifest It Now, A Law of Attraction Show podcast. I gained so much from our conversation together. You’ll even hear me learning in real time as Ginny teaches me a new and exciting way to approach goals!

Ginny and I chat about what The Law of Attraction is, how to grow your awareness around it, and the best way to move towards a goal with joy in the day-to-day all while celebrating the person you’re becoming each step of the way.

So pop in those earbuds, press play, and let Ginny inspire you to manifest your goals!

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Meet Ginny

For more than a decade, Ginny Gane has been working intimately with manifestors and empowering women around the world to leverage the law of attraction and become the most powerful authentic versions of themselves, so they can align with their true purpose and experience a life of wild love and freedom.

In February Ginny is launching her Aligned Truth program for those that want to live consciously, purposefully and practice stepping into the person that they want to be and aligning with that life. She will also be launching Awaken Your Truth which will be going beyond the mind and have a more spiritual approach. All details can be found at Ginny’s website here

If you would like to connect with Ginny you can find her here:

Instagram |

Website |

Kate’s Joyful Corner

When it comes to your Christmas tree do you put it up before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving? I’ve always been team “put up your tree after Thanksgiving.” However, after a few challenging years I was craving the Holiday spirit this year and decided to put up our tree early!

And I am so dang glad I did! Today’s joyful corner is dedicated to my Christmas tree because it brings me so much joy when I look at it. I love its glow and all of the warm hygge vibes it brings into my home. It makes our living room feel so cozy with the glow of the lights, and a warm fire, and snuggling under a warm cozy blanket – this is what fills me up. 

Just add a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine), and it’s the perfect, cuddly moment!

And my Christmas tree is still up and bringing me joy every day. My in-laws are coming to celebrate a belated Christmas soon and I wanted to have our tree up for this joyful occasion.

Sometimes joyful moments are big and momentous, and other times they’re small – living the glow of a Christmas tree.


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Ginny’s Book Recommendations:

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