Mini Motivational Meditation: Choose to Speak Kindly to Yourself – Inspired by Jen Sincero’s Book “You Are A Badass At Making Money”

In 2022 I’m embracing the word Ease. Ease in how I’m going to show up, in how I’m going to do the work, and in how I plan on savoring the journey I’m on and enjoying all the big and small moments along the way. If you are curious how I settled on the word Ease you can listen to that episode here!

In today’s mini motivational meditation I invite you to slow down with me as I meditate on a quote from Jen Sincero’s book You are a Badass At Making Money. The quote goes, “You are awesome, infinitely powerful, and I love you.” I hope this quote speaks to you as much as it does to me each and every time I read it.

Today let’s choose to talk to ourselves with kindness and love. Would you talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself? If not, let’s rewrite and rewire how we speak to ourselves. Let’s speak to ourselves with grace, kindness, and love.

So press play, find a comfortable place to sit, and give yourself some time to slow down and get back in touch with your breath. Let’s find stillness, together.

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