Choosing Impact Over Fear and Stepping Forward Courageously with Mikita Smith of the Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita Podcast

April 18, 2022

What would it look like to show up as yourself fully? Unapologetically, wonderfully you? Today’s podcast guest shares with us just how to do that!

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“I have this mantra I always say to myself – what’s the worst that can happen? Especially if you show up from a place of purpose and intention, and you’re trying to share something of value. You can’t go wrong if you’re doing it with good intention.”

I’m so excited to welcome Mikita Smith onto the podcast. Mikita and I first connected to record a conversation for her show, Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita, and she and I had such a lovely time together that I knew I wanted to bring her voice and message to the LBD Podcast too! 

Today, Mikita shares with us how she wants to fully show up for her life and not let fear hold her back, and we dive into some recent pivots she’s made in her life and career.

“You can pivot at any point in your life to change how you want to show up as long as it makes you happy and fulfills you.”

So join me as Mikita shares how to get unstuck, release fear’s grip on you, and to step confidently forward into the life you’re creating for yourself.

Mikita’s Resources

Women Evolve Podcast with Sarah Jakes Roberts

Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

The Live By Design Collective

It’s easy to fall into the rinse and repeat rhythm of life: parenting, work, caregiving, errands, and to-dos always seem to take the front seat while your self-care, creativity, and passions ride in the back.

And guess what, friend? You’re the only one who can change this. You get to decide to Live By Design, not by default.

The LBD Collective is your hype girl community, sacred sisterhood, and health coach in your back pocket – it’s 2 hours monthly of me-time to help you turn your spark back on.

So if you loved this episode – if it made you feel seen, heard, or included – then the LBD Collective is your place to keep the conversation going, and we want you part of it. Follow this link to learn more or join today!

Meet Mikita

Mikita is the Host of Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita Podcast. As someone who understands what it’s like to live your life for others, her mission is to help people to live unapologetically.

Connect with Mikita

@thyme4teawithmikita | FacebookBeautifully Unbalanced

Kate’s Joyful Corner

Today, I am incredibly grateful for my mother-in-law, Karen. She has been visiting us in Gettysburg and every weekend that she has been here she’s offered to spend time with the boys so Dennis and I can have a date night. As I’m recording this I’m getting ready for our third weekend in a row that we’ve gotten to go out together, which is a new record around here!

Our first date night we went to our very first in-person TED Talk in Georgetown, DC. And the presenter was none other than Nick Cruz Velleman! You may remember Nick from season 2 of the podcast where he talked about creativity

Our second date night we had a nice slow meal at a local restaurant here in Gettysburg, and it was just perfect. We even ended the meal with homemade doughnuts and fresh coffee!

And right after this recording, I’m going out tonight with Dennis to celebrate The Live By Design Podcast publishing its 100th milestone episode! We are going to have a traditional date night of a movie and dinner and I’m very excited.


Connect with Mikita Smith

Connect with Liz Chapman – Podcast Manager

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