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The Three Pillars of Self-Care with Emily Nichols

February 7, 2022

Today’s podcast guest shares how she implemented three daily habits that shifted her from feeling stuck to living the life she desired. And she shares how you too can do the same!

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“It takes 21 days to form a habit, but it’s about 90 days to form an actual lifestyle where it doesn’t feel hard anymore.”

Today on the pod we are joined by Emily Nichols of the Self-Transformed Podcast. Emily shares with us how she felt overwhelmed, burnt out, and was using sugar, alcohol, and shopping as a bandaid to cover-up how she was actually feeling. She had a desire for change, which ultimately led to her doing Whole 30 with her husband and that experience started a snowball of transformation in all areas of life – physical, mental, and emotional – that she was not expecting but is so grateful for.

Emily dives into habits and how they helped her stay consistent and also what self-care looks like for her…which is more than face masks and bubble baths! 

And lastly don’t miss when Emily talks about her three pillars of self-care:

  • Movement
  • Fueling her body with food that makes her feel good 
  • And mindset work

And you don’t want to miss the episode that I did with Emily on the Self-Transformed Podcast where I talked about simple tactical goal setting tips that are easy to implement now! 

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Meet Emily

Emily Nichols is the host of Self Transformed — a podcast redefining self care through simple fitness, nutrition, & mindset habit hacks for busy working moms.  From her own struggles, Emily finally found the solutions to feeling empowered, confident, & how to live a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t feel hard or like another thing on your to do list through the power of HABITS!

Emily is now on a mission to redefine self care and equip other women with these sustainable tools to help transform your life from the inside out and start putting yourself first without the guilt.  

Emily is also a wife, #boymom, Certified Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Whole30 Coach, & Taco Tuesday Enthusiast.

You can grab Emily’s free Self-Care checklist here.

If you are interested in Emily’s signature course Self Transform U you can use the code LIVEBYDESIGN to save 10%. The next round starts 2/14/22!

You can connect with Emily

Instagram | Website | Self-Transformed Podcast

Kate’s Joyful Corner

Today’s joyful corner is a fun one! Today I am grateful for my new phone case and pop socket which are bringing so much joy to my day! 

My old phone case was kind of slippery and it would fall out of my tripod which was becoming frustrating (especially because I use it most-every-day to record behind the scenes for the podcast!). But my new phone case is made of silicone and is nice and grippy and has totally solved this problem – winning!

Then I added on the new pop socket, and it’s amazing! I love to have a really big screen so my phone is quite large and having the pop socket on it helps me to hold it. I even ended up gorilla gluing the pop socket to my phone so there’s no chance of it popping off while my little guys use my phone too. 

In keeping with my favorite color (and funnily enough my brand colors too!) my phone case is this really beautiful teal / turquoise color. And my pop socket is literally glitter! It has blues, pinks, and white glitter. And these colors really do make me so happy. Sometimes it’s the little things, am I right?

So, today I am grateful for my new cute phone case, the beautiful pop of colors, the glitter, and the functionality that it brings to my day.

If you are looking for a new phone case or pop socket to brighten your day you can check mine out, I highly recommend the fun pop of color to your day!


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