Episode #9 – Show Up and Shine with Sarah Weyenberg

Have you ever met someone that you instantly connected with? That was Kate’s experience the first time she met today’s podcast guest, Sarah Weyenberg. Kate was instantly drawn to Sarah’s authenticity while teaching fun and joyful yoga classes...and not to mention her laugh is totally contagious! In 2018 Sarah launched her online yoga studio, Shiny Happy … Continue reading Episode #9 – Show Up and Shine with Sarah Weyenberg

Episode #7 – Do Vision Boards Work Or Are They Too “Woo-Woo?”

How you live each day is how you live your life. Your life isn’t an exotic vacation or a fancy event held once a year, it’s the beautiful, small moments that exist in everyday life. A life of purpose resides in finding joy and practicing gratitude in the day-to-day while always making incremental progress towards … Continue reading Episode #7 – Do Vision Boards Work Or Are They Too “Woo-Woo?”

Episode #6 – Book Report: Girl, Stop Apologizing

As a type-A, enneagram 3, typical oldest child, and recovered people-pleaser, I had always found validation in striving for perfection. In being the best, but the best according to someone else’s standards or expectations. And then one day, I realized I was seeking validation from everyone else but myself. How crazy is that? And thus … Continue reading Episode #6 – Book Report: Girl, Stop Apologizing

Episode #5 – Time To Get Yourself a Mantra

When things get hard, what do you reach for to pull you through? To encourage you? To inspire, uplift, or motivate you? Well for me, I go to my personal mantra, over and over again. I tell myself, “I get to do this. I can do hard things.” Because there is strength and power in words and how you use them to speak to yourself. My mantra’s gotten me through 12 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 2 child births, launching my business, and so much more. So whether or not you have a mantra, this episode is for you. Because we find ourselves in unprecedented times, and I figure we could all probably use a little extra grace, strength, and motivation.