Mini Meditation – “You Are Alive. You Are Whole. All Is Well.”

I was recently binging the latest season when these lines spoke to my heart. I was going through a challenging season and feeling a little down, but I found comfort in hearing, “You are alive. You are whole. All is well.”

And I thought if I needed reminding of this that you might as well. So this week’s Mini Meditation Episode features these lines, and I hope it speaks to you the same way it did to me.

Mini Meditation – Abundance Mindset Reset

Need a short and sweet meditation pick-me-up to end your week? Excellent, then have I got something in store for you. This week's meditation features an abundance mindset mantra I learned from which is, "I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way." So if you're feeling like you're stuck in a scarcity mindset, or feeling fearful, or just not your most vibrant self, then press play for this 7 minute meditation to turn your day around.

Mini Meditation – Guided Visualization With Sarah Weyenberg

Ready for a guided visualization that'll touch your heart and inspire you to move past fear and into the life you desire? Then buckle up because Sarah Weyenberg, founder of the online yoga studio Shiny Happy Yoga, guides today's meditation and it's seriously goosebump-inducing good! And a huge thank you to Sarah for offering a free … Continue reading Mini Meditation – Guided Visualization With Sarah Weyenberg