Episode #15 – Becoming a Phoenix: A Conversation with Arianna Zabriskie, M.A. MFT

Have you ever watched someone transform and be in total awe? Well friends, that’s how I’ve felt watching Arianna Zabriskie’s story unfold as she’s shared it in real time on Instagram at @ariannazabriskie. Arianna is a personal friend and previous colleague of mine from The Institute for American Universities, and in the past year I’ve watched as she’s completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, started her Doctoral studies, lived through a pandemic, grown her business, AND welcomed her daughter into the world. 

Can you say, “woah”?!

So grab a cup of coffee and press play if you’re ready to be inspired by this mama phoenix. Arianna shares her story with authenticity, vulnerability, and strength, and above all she reminds us that despite hardship we can choose to show up for ourselves and show up for those we love with grace, love, and a crap-load of unf*ckwithableness.

A big thank you this week to Arianna for being on the podcast and having a conversation with me via Zoom! Arianna has gone through massive change in the past year, and through it all she’s learned that she’s, “Resilient as F*ck.” This notion informs both her personal and professional lives, and I hope in listening to this episode that you find your inner resiliency and tap into the strength that resides inside of you too.

Meet Arianna

Arianna is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student. She completed her dual bachelors in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies in 2014 and completed her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2019. Arianna began her Doctoral studies in 2019 and specializes in addiction, personal development, self actualization, and incorporating non-traditional methods through coaching.

Connect with Arianna
ariannazabriskie.com | @ariannazabriskie | the unf*ckwithable coach

Click below to read Arianna’s original Instagram caption that spurred Kate to ask her onto the podcast. And if Ari’s story resonated with you, she’d love to connect with you too!

Ready to learn from Marriage and Family Therapist, Forgiveness Coach, and Clinical Psych Doctorate student how to become UnF*ckwithable? Then join Arianna on your coaching journey! Arianna describes it as follows:

“Let’s build your toolbox with mental health and crisis management training! I want to empower coaches and bridge the gap between coaching and therapy. My goal is to empower coaches to make more informed and crystal clear decisions on how to support their clients in ALL the situations that come up. My education is of high value and time but I am consolidating the most important highlights to support coaches with their clients in a way that you can’t get anywhere else in this amount of time.”

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Interested in something mentioned in the episode? Here’s your reference guide!

During the episode you might hear Arianna and I mention that school we both studied abroad through during our undergraduate programs – The Institute for American Universities. Having both also worked in their U.S. Office, we’re huge advocates for global education and IAU in particular. Want to learn more? Connect with IAU online!

Joyful Corner

This week I’m grateful for a whole host of things, but chief among them is the easy selling of our home in Maryland and being settled now in Gettysburg, PA. We’re down to the final boxes to unpack (can I get an amen to that?!), and each day we’re settling more and more into our new routine here. Overwhelmingly, Gettysburg feels like home. And as someone who’s had the desire for roots and a deep connection to community for many years, this is everything.

I’m also grateful for a fun-filled, joyful day at a local zoo with my mom and my two boys to celebrate our now three-year-old’s birthday. Bless his heart, he wanted to get gifts for everyone else before picking out his birthday present from the giftshop. I’m grateful for his kind heart and spirit. 

Joyful Corner Listener Voicemail

Thank you to Arianna for being our Joyful Corner Listener Voicemail this week! Ari has seriously rekindled my love of the Twilight book series because she was really digging the new Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. It really is the perfect, easy listen that brings you right back to the age you were when you were first introduced to Edward and Bella. Since recording with Arianna I too downloaded the Audible book and am enjoying every minute!

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