Take Your Goals From “Wish to Done” with Polly Payne of the Dream Planning Podcast

June 6, 2022

What was your “yes moment”? That time you just knew in your heart that something had to change, and you listened to that instinct and made it happen? Today’s guest shares with us how she too said “yes” and the incredible impact she’s had since that time!

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you realized that something in your life had to change?

Today’s guest, Polly Payne, had what she calls her “yes moment” when she committed to living intentionally and into the calling that was put on her heart. She decided from then on to create a life she wanted to live and to be intentional with how she spent her time. This led her to creating her Dream Planner, founding Horacio Printing, selling more than 40,000 planners, and raising over $68,000 to fight human trafficking while she was at it. What an incredible journey that all started with saying yes!

So if you too are ready to embrace your “yes moment” and truly go from wish to done, then press play and allow Polly to share the tools she uses to live an intentional life. 

 Polly’s Resources

The Live By Design Collective

Anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by allllll the information out there to help us on our personal growth journeys? 🖐

Between the books, podcasts, blogs…there’s so much out there for us to take in. And sometimes all of those options and all of that learning isn’t followed up by action, because we’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of things we want to implement all at the same time.

I’ve been there myself (analysis paralysis party of 1, right here!), and that’s one of the many reasons I founded the LBD Collective.

To give us all a place to come for a focused personal growth curriculum with specific action items and community accountability layered in too!

Gone are the days of overwhelm. It’s time to usher in sustainable, action-oriented growth. One step, one day, one habit at a time. 

And because I feel so deeply that everyone should have access to the LBD Collective resources, I’m opening up our Growth Night to any woman who has a heart for growth, fun, and friendship in the month of June 💖

Join us as we grow together and see, for free and with absolutely no obligation, if the LBD Collective is the next right step on your journey.


Monday, June 6th 

8-9:15pm EST

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Meet Polly

Polly is the founder and CEO of Horacio Printing. Her love language includes luxurious paper and lots of white space. Originally from Fairhope, Alabama, Polly migrated to the big apple and became the Senior Sales director of an award winning Ad:Tech company. She left her career in advertising to redesign her life and pursue her God given purpose. She founded Horacio Printing which has now sold more than 40,000 Dream Planners around the world and raised more than $68,000 to fight human trafficking.

Use “LIVEBYDESIGN” for 10% off all of Polly’s products and courses

Connect with Polly

The Dreamer In You | Horacio Printing | @pollypane | @horacioprinting

Kate’s Joyful Corner

If you have been watching my stories on Instagram you may know that I am in Florida because my little brother has been in the ICU for some time. Right now we don’t know what is going to happen, but it was important to me to be here with my immediate family during this trying time. So, to be totally honest with you, it was a struggle to plan my joyful corner this week.

I always want to show up for you in an authentic way, so I want to share with you that this was a harder week for me with joyful corner. However, even though my family is living through some uncertain times, I am still very much committed to my practice of gratitude. 

I mean, this is what I’ve been training for, right? This is why I have a gratitude practice in place. It’s for those times when life is hard, and heavy, and painful. My gratitude practice is a tool I can use to look for the good in seasons that are light and also in difficult ones too. 

Today, I am grateful for my husband who cleared his schedule to be home loving on our boys while I’m here in Florida. It means I’m here without parenting responsibilities and have the gift of completely focusing on the situation at hand. This is the first time I’ve spent time away from my youngest since he was born, and while I miss my boys I’m enjoying the uninterrupted sleep time! 

I’m also grateful for my exercise practice. I don’t use it as a way to escape what I’m feeling but rather as a way to metabolize my thoughts and feelings. So, I’ve been going on a ton of walks around the neighborhood. 

So, my joyful corner this week is practicing gratitude, moving my body, prioritizing my sleep, and drinking a crap ton of water because it’s so dang hot in Florida. I’m trying to love myself well so that I can show up even better to support my brother, parents, sisters, and grammy.


Connect with Liz Chapman – Podcast Manager

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