Book Report: Joyful

Have you ever read a book that took something intangible (such as joy) and the author made it feel approachable and, dare I say, attainable?

That’s exactly how I felt while reading Ingrid Fetell Lee’s “Joyful.” I’ve always sought to cultivate joy, but Ingrid gave me the framework and vernacular to take my study to the next level.

Throughout the book she explores how joy can be purposefully created through measures both big and small, and she equips us with the tools to cultivate joy in our own lives too!

In addition to this mini book report, this week I also share how I strike the balance between working towards big, audacious goals while also appreciating each and every day. I delve more into how I do this through flow states, a gratitude practice with my husband, and finally my Start Today Journal practice too!

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