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March 21, 2022

Today, Amma shares with us how after a challenging start to 2021, she decided it was time to prioritize herself again. Through that process, she committed to leaning into joy, committing to regular physical movement, and to eating foods that blessed her body. 

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I am so thrilled to welcome my friend and fellow Peloton-lover Amma Okraku onto the podcast today! 

When I first brought my Peloton bike home, I went on Instagram to search for people who were also part of the Peloton community, and I instantly felt connected to Amma when I came across her profile where she shares her health, wellness, and self-love journey. She is so inspiring and a bright light of sunshine and true joy in my life!

Today, Amma shares with us how after a challenging start to 2021, she decided it was time to prioritize herself again. Through that process, she committed to leaning into joy, committing to regular physical movement, and to eating foods that blessed her body. 

She’s now over a year into her journey and she’s lost 50+ pounds and spent over 14 thousand minutes with Peloton – but what she’s gained through this journey is what means the most to her. Amma shares how she strengthened her confidence muscle, increased her energy, adopted an abundance mindset, and most of all how she feels and shares JOY each and every day!

If you are ready to show up for yourself, regain your confidence and learn how you can find pure joy in yourself and your day then join us now.

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Ready to live 2022 with intention? Then The Live By Design Collective was made just for you!

Meet Amma

Amma spends her days as an Air Traffic Controller in Alaska and her personal time inspiring others online as she shares her health, wellness, and self-love journey. Amma loves to spend her days hiking the Alaskan trails, and you can always find her on her Peloton bike!

Connect with Amma:


Kate’s Joyful Corner

This week I am so grateful for my family and our recent two week visit to them in Florida.

It just warmed my heart to see my boys snuggling with their grandparents, aunts, and great grandma and spending quality time together. We spent as much time outside as we could! We went to the zoo, the beach, so many different parks, and we squeezed in a trip to Disney World! They had the time of their lives and I’m just so grateful for that.

One day my mom took my boys for over half the day and gifted me with time to myself (it was so lovely!). I went to the beach with a book alone! All by myself! It was glorious.

I sat in the sunshine in my beach chair, I had my fizzy water (and maybe a chocolate ice cream at 10am because why not?!), and I just read my book with my feet in the sand. The only person I was responsible for was myself and it was amazing!

The book I was reading was A Year At the Chateau and it’s a lovely read. The authors are a British couple who purchased an old French Chateau, and they’re chronicling their renovation journey, their family’s experience living in France, and the launch of their boutique wedding and events business through their books and on TV show.

I love France! So much so that I studied abroad in France for a semester and it was a really pivotal time in my life. So, while the waves were crashing and my feet were dug into the warm sand, I read Dick and Angel Strawbridge’s book which – which was especially fun to see the behind the scenes of their first year in France that didn’t make it onto their show. It’s a fun and easy read which I would highly recommend! 

So this week I am grateful for family and some alone time at the beach to be able to recharge.


Connect with Liz Chapman – Podcast Manager

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